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Aussie Footballers - Australia's Premier Football Player Archive
Aussie Footballers is home to Australia's most comprehensive football player archive. In these pages you will find the statistical playing history for every footballer that has competed in one of Australia's top flight national competitions. This includes the Men's National Soccer League (1977-2004), Women's National Soccer League (1996-2004), Men's A-League (2005-present) and Women's W-League (2008-present). Records are also included for Australian footballers that have played exclusively abroad. Click here for further information about the archive and a summary of updates for each release. If you have any corrections or suggestions, you can e-mail Aussie Footballers or send us a message via twitter.

UPDATE - October 2019: View a complete list of A-League squads for the 2019-20 season.
Navigating the archive
Each page on the archive includes career records on a selection of players - between 30 and 50 players per page - with all entries ordered alphabetically by surname. The icons in the website header allow you to navigate each of these pages by jumping to the next or previous page, or the next or previous letter in the alphabet. There is also an alphabetised player listing which enables you to jump directly to any player in the archive via their associated hyperlink. As of Version 3.0 (May 2019), there are 4,501 individual player records included in this archive - 3,638 men and 863 women.
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