Aussie Footballers - Information about this archive

An explanation from the author
Originally devised at the turn of the century by Greg Stock, the Australian Player Database was invoked as a means to aggregate much of the player data contained in the NSL, International and State League section of the OzFootball website. I had embarked upon and concluded a similar project with the Australian Club Database and was soon adding my own research to the mix, with a page refresh (green to gold) and a wealth of overseas data I had acquired via my role as a researcher with Sports Interactive.
Then… a break.
With both Greg and myself investing our energies in professional and personal pursuits, the player database lay dormant through one of the most chaotic periods in the sport, with regular World Cup appearances complimented by the death and rebirth of two domestic leagues. Inspired by the number of regular enquires from players and relatives seeking more and more information about career records, I ultimately picked up the ball once again early in 2017, with a renewed and clear focus.
An archive is reborn
Rebranded Aussie Footballers, this archive sets about documenting the historical playing records of the following players:
· Any player who has made at least one appearance in the National Soccer League, A-League, WNSL and W-League.
· Any Australian born player who has played professionally abroad.
· Any player who has made at least one appearance in the top-flight competitions in each state and territory.
The initial release of Aussie Footballers will focus on aggregating the information I have gathered from the Australian national leagues in all of their respective incarnations. Bringing the NSL and A-League historical records together for the first time has proven quite the challenge and some effort remains in verifying specific records from the NSL era.
Amalgamating the statistical playing history of men and women is a first for any archive of this type. There is considerable difficulty sourcing information from various periods of the WNSL, thus what is presented here is coupled with the knowledge that it may be incomplete.
None of this work could have been accomplished without the herculean efforts of a select band of individuals, namely Andrew Howe, Thomas Esamie and Jonathan Punshon, and of course Greg Stock, whose original idea sparked this concept at the turn of the century.
Where to now?
With the first phase complete, I now turn my attention to completing the records of every Australian who has played professionally abroad. I make that distinction specifically in reference to the college system in the United States, which has been home to a number of Australian footballers.
I often receive correspondence from former players, descendants and keen observers, whether it be filling in holes in my research or simply expressing gratitude for the existence of this archive. Despite the attention to detail I may afford to this project, there will be errors in these pages from time to time, as well as gaps - so many gaps. Australians playing in Greece in the 1980’s? - simply finding individual season records for them is impossible. Even in the age of the post-Internet era - there are still some countries who haven’t fully embraced the digital world, never mind their football administrations. If you can shed light on any of these less researched and documented leagues, it would be much appreciated, but as with anything historical, documentary evidence is essential to confirming it on this archive, so please attach anything which may support your claims. Translations are welcome if they’re in another language too.
To get in touch, you can e-mail Aussie Footballers or drop us a message on twitter.
Tony Persoglia, Aussie Footballers