This page is dedicated to those who made this archive a reality and to their sources. You will find a listing of all the contributors who deserve to be credited and what they contributed to this site. If you are not mentioned (and have contributed something) and wish to be included in the list or you are already mentioned but have since contributed other things for which you deserve credit please notify Thomas Esamie at the address shown in the contacts page. Here is a list of what you can find here :



I trust you enjoy all the site has to offer and appreciate the work that went into its creation and continued growth.




People who have contributed


Gratitude and thanks to (in alphabetical order) :


Iskander Ayari
Australia v France 1994
Eric Bates
Australia v USA 1992
Yaniv Bleicher
Matches involving Israel
Eddie Boards
Supplying information on Northern NSW leagues
Doug Butcher
Supplying information on Socceroos matches, working on historical records, cross checking and verifying lineups and results, basically showing up our mistakes ;-).
Jean-Michel Cazal
All Socceroo and some opposing lineups from the year dot.
Kevin Christopher
Editor of Studs Up, Socceroo and NSL information
Alan Clark
Match reports for NSL matches and Internationals held in Melbourne
David Cooper
NSWSF Media manager who supplied official NSWSF tables
Gareth Cooper
Australians Overseas (Doug Hodgson)
Steve Darby
Womens Internationals Data
Damian Davies
Australians Overseas list
Chris Dunkerley
Supply of ABSW newspapers to archivists
Thomas Esamie
Socceroos, WYC 93, Australians overseas, scanning of images, Match reports, VRML stadium, general formatting, various Stateleague info, recent NSL matches
Tim Fisher
Australia v England 1980 & 83
Alan Garside Jnr.
Much Information from the 1950's from his fathers archives and research of that era.
Peter Georgaras
South Australian Youth and State League results, Womens matches
Russell Gerrard
Australia v England 1981, general Socceroo issues
Guy Gersbach
Western Australia results
Nick Guoth
Various National League data & Womens internationals
Stephen Halchuk
Australia v Canada 1924
Matthew Hall
supplying official Soccer Australia Media Releases
Roy Hay
Victorian Youth League and State league information.
David Hearder
pre-1964 match data for the Australian national soccer team
Andrew Howe
almost all NSL info, NSW Stateleague info, NSL Clubs Histories and info, Socceroos data
David Hughes
Tasmania results
John Kellett
WA results and tables
Ian King
1989 NSL Playoff information
Andre Kruger
Australian matches against German opponents, Matildas matches
Andrei Libin
Former Soviet teams info
Lance Librandi
Japanese club tour results
Peter Miller
Northern NSW results
Searlais Mullen
Western Australian information including Perth Glory
Ross Musso
Australians Overseas (various)
Wayne Orrell
For allowing us to rifle through his personal library.
Tony Persoglia
For his major contributions to the Player and Club information areas of the site.
John Punshon
Source for data verification for NSL and Socceroos, Victorian Stateleague results, Matildas data and so much more.
Andrzej Potocki
1979 Wisla match v Socceroos
Diane Purdue
Australians Overseas (Nicholas Purdue)
Frank Scicluna
Supplying Socceroo and youth international lineups
Barry Smith
Joeys matches from 1995 Oceania Championship
Damien Smith
Information on various games
Peter Smith
NSW Stateleague and Cup information
Greg Stock
Socceroos, most of the Stateleague info, most Youth (NYL, U20 etc) game results international & local, general formatting
Karel Stokkermans
various international matches
...and our former Socceroos who have been very supportive
Joe Marston, Ron Lord, Andy Henderson, Billy Henderson, Alan Garside Snr



Publications and other sources we have drawn from

In no particular order


  • "My Beloved Socceroos - The Frank Arok Story", Robert Lusetich, ABC Books 1992, ISBN 0 7333 0192 4
    Used for International lineups and results by Thomas Esamie
  • "The Encyclopaedia of Australian Soccer 1922-88", G. E. Scerris
    various information used by Greg Stock
  • "An Association with Soccer (The NZFA celebrates its first 100 years)", published in 1991 by the NZFA for its centennial
    Used for New Zealand player names used by Jean-Michel Cazal
  • "New Zealand 1904-1994 (International The Line-ups & statistics series)" by Michael Robinson
    used for New Zealand lineups by Jean-Michel Cazal.
  • GOAL, a Greek book written by Andrea Bomi (1984)
    Used by Jean-Michel Cazal for the Greece v Australia matches
  • "Triunfos y tristezas del equipo tricolor (Historia de la seleccion mexicana de futbol (1923-1995)" by Roberto Garcia and Francisco Forastieri
    used by Jean-Michel Cazal for 1970 Mexico v Australia match
  • Fakta Z historie Ceskoslovenskeho, a Czech publication,
    used by Jean-Michel Cazal for 1980 Czechoslovakia v Australia matches
  • Igry sbornoy SSSR po futbolu. Spravochnik (1952-1988), published by Soviet Sports
    used by Andrei Libin for Australia v Soviet teams in that timeframe
  • Peter Desira's statistics as they appeared in the 1989 Australian Soccer Annual, kindly supplied by Andrew Howe.
    Used for International lineups and results by Andrew Howe and Thomas Esamie
  • SBS World Soccer Annual 1991-92, Vol 1 Number 1 (magazine)
    Used for Australian full internationals from late 1990 to 1991 by Thomas Esamie.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday October 28, 1993, page 46.
    Used for International results by Thomas Esamie
  • Various Match Programmes
    Used for results of all descriptions
  • Official FIFA reports
    Used by Jean-Michel Cazal for various international matches
  • Studs-Up, Australian Soccer Fanzine, various issues
    Used and abused for a lot of stuff
  • The Sydney Morning Herald, various editions
    Used for many results
  • Australian and British Soccer Weekly, various editions
    Used for NSL and International results and lineups as well as Stateleague information and the occasional picture.
  • World Soccer - english publication, various editions
    used by Jean-Michel Cazal and Thomas Esamie for various matches
  • L'Equipe and France Football, various editions
    Used by Jean-Michel Cazal
  • La Celeste (1901-1991) by Javier Sandoval
    used by Jean-Michel Cazal for the 1974 Uruguay-Australia match
  • SBS-TV broadcasts
    Utilised for lineups and the source for many a match report.
  • Soccer Action Magazine 1985
    Various information used by Greg Stock
  • Soccer World Magazine 1959-81
    Various information
  • Super Soccer Magazine
    For details of the NSW Superleague and lower divisions used by Greg Stock
  • Soccer Australia Magazine
    Used for player information and most of the images (used with permission) on the site.
  • The 1994/95 and 96/97 ASF club profile promotional kits
    Used for Club information and Player details used by Thomas Esamie
  • 1994 Futera Sports cards
    Used for Player information used by Thomas Esamie
  • Australian Soccer Football Association. 1937. Official Souvenir Programme - England v New South Wales, Sydney Cricket Ground, 3rd July 1937
    Used for pre-1950's matches by David Hearder
  • Behrent, Sue. 2011. History of the Socceroos. Camberwell, Victoria: Penguin Group (Australia) in association with Football Federation Australia
    Used for pre-1950's matches by David Hearder
  • Grant, Sid. 1974. Jack Pollard's Soccer Records. North Sydney: Jack Pollard
    Used for pre-1950's matches by David Hearder
  • Newspapers as noted (Australia) and (New Zealand)
    Used for pre-1950's matches by David Hearder
  • Ron Lord's Diary, 5 November to 9 December 1956, Melbourne Olympic Games
    Used for pre-1950's matches by David Hearder




What is this archive?


The OzFootball site was created in March 1995, at the instigation of Greg Baxter who had designed and built a website and then enlisted the help of Thomas Esamie and the data which Thomas had collected and was posting to the newsgroup. The site became a focus for fans of Australian Football and was fortunate to receive support from other people willing to contribute time and data, these people are given credit for their work where possible. Andrew Howe, John Punshon, Greg Stock, Roy Hay... the list of contributors too long to list in full. We used to host a mailing list in conjunction with this site, nowadays there is a seperate list here which fulfils the need quite well. Check it out.


In all this time OzFootball has been by the fans, for the fans. Not a cent is made by any of the OzFootball members, infact their efforts cost much time and money to them personally and are done in the interest of chronicling the game generally and here in Australia in particular.


OzFootball is not an official site of any club, organisation or company, we speak for nobody but ourselves, and you. If you wish to submit a match report or have something you feel would make a positive contribution to the site we would welcome your input.




What is being done in the archive?


The OzFootball archive is constantly growing, it is not always clear where and when things are happening and this is why this section exists to inform you of where current efforts are being concentrated.


Greg Stock is concentrating his efforts on the history of the NSW State Federation and is contributing some of the more obscure matches played in Australia such as club tours, pre-season friendlies. He also has made the Club and Player sections pretty much his own.


John Punshon has worked tirelessly to basically bring more data on Victorian Football to this site than anybody knew existed and as also found time to augment and check most of the NSL and Socceroo data we have.


Andrew Howe was the spark of rejuvination when Greg Baxter and Thomas Esamie started finding the going a little tough. He contributed vast amounts of NSL data to the archive and much more besides. These days he's spending less time on the site and more on his 2 day jobs and raising his Football themed children.


Thomas Esamie is principally concerned with making sure the site is backed up and keeping the Socceroo and NSL sections up to date from here on. Currently he is trying to improve the look and navigability of the site (and desperately hoping navigability is a real word) and tidying up the site in general. Thomas is also trying to find the time to incorporate more of the Womens game from various sources.


Tony Persoglia is busy collating a database of players to suplement the efforts of Greg Stock, the results of which are the Australian Player Database. Tony's efforts are largely focused on creating a complete archive of Australians who have played overseas, not to mention player appearance records for the top divisions in Victoria and South Australia from 1991 onwards.


Finally Greg Baxter, who started the whole thing off, has been caught up in real life and works hard, consequently he has little time to work on the site which means the 'front-end' suffers a little, well.. a lot since there really isn't a front end anymore.







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