This is a collection of files we have come across and make available to you in the interests of football knowledge and historical record. These files are all in Quicktime format and require at least version 7 installed. You can get Quicktime at this link for Windows and Macintosh. If you have an iPod you probably already have everything installed. If you are using Linux (more power to you) then we can suggest MPlayer as an option but have not tested this ourselves. So we'd like to hear how you go.


These files are streamed movies and require a decent internet connection to view. Depending on the movie you're looking at you might find the sound missing, video jerky or not refreshing properly. If you're on less than a 512Kb connection I wouldn't even bother. As for why we don't put it on YouTube or the myriad of other video sites... we don't want to.


Also if there are any rights holders reading this page wondering where all the movies are... well you either haven't responded to our e-mails or we can't find you. Please get in touch and allow us to show the many things we have but cannot make available without your permission.


Conversely if you're a rights holder and don't want us to make something here available please let us know. We may assume that there are no provisions on some material in error or were given permission by someone who had no authority to do so.




Goals :


Dave Watson scores against Australia
Dave Watson scores his second goal in the 1971 2-match series between Australia and the English FA which was won 1-0 by the visitors in both cases.
Mark Bresciano scores against Uruguay
For something a little more recent here is the 2005 goal by Mark Bresciano that allowed John Aloisi to do his thing later that night



Fan Footage :


Advance Australia Fair
As sung by the attendees of the 2005 World Cup Qualifier against Uruguay
Aloisi's penalty
As seen from the stands John Aloisi puts Australia into the World Cup Finals
Aloisi's penalty
As seen from the stands John Aloisi puts Australia into the World Cup Finals - this time from a different vantage point



Miscellaneous bits and pieces :


Trailer for Sexy Football
Public Access TV has a lot of potential and these guys from Melbourne certainly give it go










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