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Welcome to OzFootball's Australian Player Database. This archive contains an alphabetical listing and statistical information on a number of players who have played senior football in Australia prior to 2009. The information contained in this archive has been gathered from a number of sources, with the bulk of material researched and compiled by Tony Persoglia and Greg Stock. Owing to the sheer volume of players that have played football in Australia, updates to these pages ceased in 2008. In effect, this archive is now defunct.
In an effort to showcase Australia's national league players and create something more robust, timely and inclusive, Tony Persoglia has created the new archive Aussie Footballers. There you will find the statistical playing history of every man and woman that has competed in one of Australia's top flight national competitions (NSL, W-NSL, A-League and W-League) as well as a host of Australians that have enjoyed careers abroad.
Thanks for your interest. There are no plans to update this archive in the near or distant future, although should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the authors, Tony Persoglia or Greg Stock.

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