Womens National League 2010-2011 Season Round 08




written by Thomas Esamie



Played (1/01/11) Campbelltown Stadium
Referee : Kate Jacewicz, Crowd :
Sydney FC
Dimitra Tsiliaskopoulos, Teresa Polias, Danielle Brogan (sent off 60), Servet Uzunlar, Renee Rollason (Heather Garriock 58), Caitlin Foord, Kylie Ledbrook (Nicola Bolger 65), Lydia Vandenbergh, Teigen Allen, Kyah Simon, Leena Khamis (Catherine Cannuli 73)
Coach : Alen Stajcic
0 - 1 Brisbane Roar
Casey Dumont, Clare Polkinghorne (Laura Alleway 85), Brooke Spence, Kim Carroll, Joanne Burgess (Lisa de Vanna 58), Elise Kellond-Knight, Lana Harch, Aivi Luik, Tameka Butt, Amy Chapman (Kennya Cordner 78), Lauren Colthorpe
Goal : Burgess 49
Coach : Jeff Hopkins

Played (2/01/11) Wanderers Oval
Referee : Kirralee Gardiner, Crowd :
Newcastle United Jets
Allison Lipsher, Hannah Brewer, Hayley Crawford, Niki Cross, Gema Simon (Leia Smith 61), Renee Cartwright (Carlie Ikonomou 15), Tara Andrews, Amber Neilson, Melissa Feuerriegel, Kate Hensman (Madeline Searl 83), Alex Huynh
Coach : Wayne O'Sullivan
0 - 1 Melbourne Victory
Melissa Barbieri, Marlies Oostdam, Louisa Bisby, Maika Ruyter-Hooley, Ella Mastrantonio, Stephanie Catley, Jodie Taylor (Caitlin Friend 79), Kendall Fletcher, Amy Jackson, Ashley Brown (Enza Barilla 66), Ursula Hughson
Goal : Jackson 47
Coach : Vicki Linton

Played (0/00/00) Stadium
Referee : , Crowd :
I know you're expecting to see a match here, but there isn't one. A 7 team league should have 42 matches for a full round robin season. For some reason there's 35 here which means, I think, each team plays 10 games.
Goals :
Coach :
x - x Team
Anyway in order to pull this off we shaved two rounds and this one with just 2 games. Brilliant!
Goals :
Coach :






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