Past League and Cup Champions

Year            Champion            Cup Winner

1977            Sydney City         Brisbane City
1978            West Adelaide       Brisbane City
1979            Marconi             Adelaide City
1980            Sydney City         Marconi
1981            Sydney City         Brisbane Lions
1982            Sydney City         APIA Leichhardt
1983            St George           Sydney Olympic
1984            South Melbourne     Newcastle Rosebud
1985            Brunswick Juventus  Sydney Olympic
1986            Adelaide City       Sydney City
1987            APIA Leichhardt     Sydney CSC
1988            Marconi             APIA Leichhardt
1989            Marconi             Adelaide City
1989/1990       Sydney Olympic      South Melbourne
1990/1991       South Melbourne     Parramatta Eagles
1991/1992       Adelaide City       Adelaide City
1992/1993       Marconi             Heidelberg United
1993/1994       Adelaide City       Parramatta Eagles
1994/1995       Melbourne Knights   Melbourne Knights
1995/1996       Melbourne Knights   South Melbourne
1996/1997       Brisbane Strikers   Collingwood Warriors
1997/1998       South Melbourne     competition not held
1998/1999       South Melbourne     competition not held
1999/2000       Wollongong          competition not held
2000/2001       Wollongong          competition not held
2001/2002       Sydney Olympic      competition not held
2002/2003       Perth Glory         competition not held
2003/2004       Perth Glory         competition not held

Note : After the 1989 season the season was scheduled over the summer
      months primarily to avoid conflict with the more established codes
      of football.
       As of the 1993/1994 season the Cup was played in preseason rather
      than during the league.
       As of the 1995/96 Season the Cup was played in a mid-season break
      during January.
       From the 1996/97 Season the Cup returned to a preseason competition.

Adelaide City become 1993/94 champions






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