vicfootball - Photographs by John Punshon

Photographs by John Punshon
For over a quarter of a century, John Punshon has poured hour upon hour into documenting the metropolitan leagues of Victorian football. While he continues to contribute significantly to the OzFootball statistical legacy, it is easy to forget that John has photographed the game at this level across four separate decades.

Between 1982 and 1996, John photographed all levels of football in Victoria, his images gracing the pages of the Truth and Sunday Sun. After a break of nine years, the advent of digital camera technology witnessed his return behind the lens, a passion which continues to this day. The Mornington Peninsula News Group continues to use his photography and he has featured in Goal! Weekly along with the websites of Football Victoria, OzFootball and Alan Morley’s fantastic Socceraust archive.

Please contact John Punshon directly should you wish to acquire any of his outstanding work.

In all, there are 92 images included in the vicfootball photo gallery. Each page has a selection of thumbnails that you can click to load a full-sized image. To view the statistical record of the photographed player simply click on the vicfootball logo which appears beneath their name. Photos can also be viewed via the Players section of the archive when a photo icon appears adjacent to their vicfootball player record.

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