1979 Australia Men's National Team Results
Researched by Thomas Esamie, Kevin Christopher, Jean-Michel Cazal and John Punshon, Written by Greg Stock

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Friendly Matches | New Zealand | Taiwan

Sources: Soccer World, Soccer Action and Daily Newspapers.

Friendly Matches

Wednesday June 13 1979
Newmarket Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Referee: Tom Delahunty (New Zealand)
Attendance: 4,000
New Zealand
Richard Wilson, Anthony Sibley (c), Sam Malcolmson, Bobby Almond, Adrian Elrick, Duncan Cole, Steve Sumner, Brian Turner, Duncan Ormond (Alf Stamp 80), Keith Nelson, John Verweij
Coach: John Adshead
Goal: Ormond 58
1 - 0 Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Col Curran, Peter Wilson (c), Steve O'Connor (John O'Shea 65), Paul Degney, Joe Watson, Tony Henderson (John Kosmina 46), Gary Byrne (Agenor Muniz 60), Mark Jankovics, Peter Sharne, Eddie Krncevic
Coach: Rudi Gutendorf
West German Rudi Gutendorf was appointed national coach in 1979 and set about making his mark on the national team. Unfortunately his first match was an uphappy one where the loss to New Zealand was the first loss to the Kiwis for 25 years.

Match Day Programme

Tuesday November 27 1979
Taipei, Taiwan
Referee: Not Recorded
Attendance: 2,000
Chan Jung Sun, Yung Fu Sun, Chen Chin, Sue Tse Tsun, Sue Hing Hong (Wu Chiao Sing 78), Jung Kim Moo, Chen Chung Foo, Cho Chung Foo, Lo Tse Chung (Fong Yung Long 80), Chong Ko Che, To Tung Chen
Coach: Not Recorded
Greg Woodhouse (Martyn Crook 78), Steve Perry, Ivo Prskalo, Arno Bertogna, Peter Sharne (Gary Cole 46), Jim Tansey (Kevin Mullen 78), Tony Henderson, Jimmy Rooney (Mark Jankovics 75), Ken Boden, Eddie Krncevic (John Coyne 82), Tommy Cumming
Coach: Rudi Gutendorf
Goals: Cumming 43, Cole 74

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