Socceroo 1979 B Matches

Socceroo B Matches for 1979

Written by Greg Stock and Andrzej Potocki. Thanks to John Punshon for the cross-referencing of material. Amendments by Misha Miladinovich. For more details see credits.

The Polish club side Wisla Krakow made a tour of Australia in 1979. The touring squad contained a number of Polish internationals and one match was played against the Australian national side in Sydney. The Australian side was coached for the game by Les Scheinflug before he handed over the reins to Rudi Gutendorf later that year.
Played : February 4 1979 Venue : Sydney Sports Ground, Australia
Allan Maher, Steve Perry, Steve O'Connor, Tony Henderson, Paul Degney, John O'Shea, Murray Barnes, Joe Picioane (Ian Souness 73), Peter Sharne (Phil O'Connor 84), Mark Jankovics, Hilton Silva (Ken Boden 61)
Goal : Jankovics 43
1 - 3 Wisla Krakow (POL)
Stanislaw Gonet, Marek Motyka (Kazimierz Gazda 70), Henryk Maculewicz, Zbigniew Plaszewski, Krzysztof Budka, Adam Nawalka, Kazimerz Kmiecik, Zdzislaw Kapka, Leszek Lipka, Piotr Skrobowski (Michal Wrobel 46), Janusz Krupinski (Andrzej Targosz)
Goals : Kmiecik 11, 78, Kropinski 53
Referee : Tony Boskovic
Attendance : 7,000
Coaches : Les Scheinflug (Australia), Orest Lenczyk (Wisla Krakow)

In May 1979 an Australian XI played an exhibition match against a Queensland based representative side. This match was purely a friendly game which gave national coach Rudi Gutendorf the oppurtunity to look at a few more Queensland based players ahead of the tour of Asia at the end of the year. The Queensland side was based around the Brisbane Lions and Brisbnae City squads while the selection of the Australian XI side was also featured some players from Queensland. This is purely an exhibition match and does not count as a Socceroo appearance.
Played : May 30 1979 Venue : Brisbane, Australia
Queensland XI
Scanlon, Steve Perry, Jim Hermiston, Colin Bennett, George Potter, Dolan, Thompson, Larry Gaffney, Tony Brennan (Billy Wilkinson 55), Barry Kelso, Millmann (Kathage 15)
0 - 0 Australian XI
Nigel Lowndes, Paul Degney, Ivo Prskalo, Stuart Baxter, Alan Niven, Tony Henderson, Gary Byrne (Coyne 62), Peter Boyle (Ian Hunter 70), John Coyne (John O'Shea 52), Mark Jankovics, Duncan Cummings
Referee : C Amos (Queensland)
Attendance : 2,700
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

The Yugoslavian club side Partizan Belgrade made a tour of Australia in 1979. They played two games against the Australians with the first in Newcastle. This match was marred when Tommy Cumming was decked by a Partizan player, and the refree Jim Reeves decided to abandon play for 15 minutes after the Partizan bench stormed onto the pitch at half-time to confront the referee. It took some persuasion from the ASF officials to convince Mr Reeves to continue play and the second half concluded without any further incidents. This match was also the last appearance for Socceroo captain Peter Wilson after 114 appearances for his country.
Played : June 29 1979 Venue : Newcastle International Sports Centre, Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Peter Wilson, Stuart Baxter, Jim Tansey, Ken Boden, Steve Perry, Arno Bertogna (John Yzendoorn 57), Tommy Cumming, Agenor Muniz (Paul Tredinnick 66), Murray Barnes (John Davies 55), Gary Cole
Goal : Cole 44pk
1 - 1 Partizan Belgrade (YUG)
Rade Zalad, Miodrag Radovic (Zvonko Varga 46), Borislav Djurovic, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Nenad Stojkovic (Tomislav Kovacevic 46), Vlada Lazicic, Nikica Klincarski, Slobodan Pavkovic, Slobodan Santrac (Arandjel Todorovic 66), Borivoje ≥Bosko≤ Djordjevic, Dzevad Prekazi
Goal : Trifunovic 16
Referee : Jim Reeves (Australia)
Attendance : 5,067
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia), Milutin Soskic (Partizan Belgrade)

The second match against Australia was played in Sydney and was played in great spirit without incident.
Played July 1 1979 Venue : Sydney Sports Ground, Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Gary Byrne, Steve O'Connor (Joe Watson 46), Ivo Prskalo, Tony Henderson, Paul Degney (John Yzendoorn 60), Ian Souness, Eddie Krncevic (John Davies 55), Mark Jankovics, John Stevenson (Gary Cole 73), Peter Sharne
0 - 1 Partizan Belgrade (YUG)
Rade Zalad, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Borislav Djurovic, Nikica Klincarski, Nenad Stojkovic, Vlada Lozicic, Miodrag Radovic, Milan Pavkovic (Arandjel Todorovic 70), Slobodan Santrac, Dzevad Prekazi (Tomislav Kovacevic 46), Milan Djordjevic (Zvonko Varga 46)
Goal : Varga 47
Referee : T Davies (Australia)
Attendance : 9,600
Coaches : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia), Milutin Soskic (Partizan Belgrade)

The glamour American club side the New York Cosmos visited Australia in rather spectacular fashion for one match against the Australian side. The crowd of 43,000 was swelled by thousands when fans desperate to see the match jumped the fences and crammed every vantage point to see the match
Played : October 24 1979 Venue : Sydney Showgrounds, Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Kevin Mullen (Bobby Russell 51), Ivo Prskalo, Tony Henderson, Jim Tansey, Ken Boden (Eddie Krncevic 83), Steve Perry (Joe Picioane 88), Jim Rooney, Tommy Cumming, Mark Jankovics, John Nyskohus
Goals : Rooney 20, Henderson 84
2 - 1 New York Cosmos (USA)
Hubert Birkenmeier, Ryan, Nelsi Morais, Carlos Alberto, Eskandarian, Franz Beckenbauer, Vladislav Bogicevic, Carbognani, Etherington (Formoso 65), Giorgio Chinaglia, Seninho
Goal : Chinaglia 75
Referee : Tony Boskovic (Australia)
Attendance : estimated to be around 50,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australia embarked on a six week tour of Asia following the completion of the domestic season. The main purpose was to foster footballing relationships in the area and to give coach Rudi Gutendorf the oppurtunity to start looking at players who would be involved in World Cup qualifiers over the next two years. The side played a number of club sides in China, the first being the Shandong Province.
Played : November 10 1979 Venue : Workers Stadium, Peking, China
Shandong Province (CHI)
Li Chong Wai (Wai Chi-hong 68'), Li Won-chien, Ziang Hongchien (Chou Shinguang 68'), Yang Pai-huang, Wang Bau-cheng, Chang Low-di, Dai Ren-chen (Low chi-chen 46'), Ying Tis Son (Gai Yo-chien 85'), Au Chen, Chiong Sheng-yuang, Chang Tsong-fa (Fang Ha-ling 80')
Goal : Au Chen 55'
1 - 3 Australia
Martyn Crook, Kevin Mullen, Tony Henderson, Ivo Prskalo, Jim Tansey, Ken Boden (Gary Cole 46), Jim Rooney, Steve Perry, Tommy Cumming (Peter Sharne 81), Mark Jankovics (Eddie Krncevic 75), John Nyskohus (Phil O'Connor 46)
Goals : Boden 56, Cole 67, O'Connor 67
Attendance : 80,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australias next opponent was the Chinese club side Peking
Played : November 13 1979 Venue : Peking, China
Peking (CHI)
Wang Juing-sen, Chang Dong-pint (Ma Jin-ping 65'), Wen Yuang, Sha Bau Chu, Liu Li-fu, Hong Yuang-shu, Li De-Li, Li Huai, Li Wai-shiao (Yo Jing-liang 67'), Shung Shiang-fu (Li Fu-Bao 46'), Yu Jing-lian (Liu Chi-chien 79')
Goals : Henderson 21og, Li Fu-Bao 48
2 - 2 Australia
Martyn Crook, Bobby Russell (Kevin Mullen 46), Ivo Prskalo, Tony Henderson, Jim Tansey, Steve Perry, Ken Boden (John Coyne 77), Jim Rooney, Tommy Cumming, Mark Jankovics (Gary Cole 46), P O'Connor (John Nyskohus 70)
Goals : Boden 40pk, Cumming 66
Attendance : 40,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australia travelled onto Shanghai to take on the Shanghai club side
Played : November 16 1979 Venue : Shanghai, China
Shanghai (CHI)
Liu-wen-bing (Gao Wai-ping 46'), Chiang Bin-rao, Chu Ming Liang, Chang Wai-shing, Lu Ly-shing, Shi Chi-Kang, Chu Be-ling, Li Chong-hua, Lu Miao-sen (Suong Huang-ming 65'), Chu Yu-hong, Chang Chi-gang (Lu An-kang 38')
Goals : Chu Yu-hong 4, Li Chong-hua 82
2 - 3 Australia
Greg Woodhouse (Martyn Crook 83), Steve Perry, Ivo Prskalo, Arno Bertogna, Jim Tansey, Tony Henderson (John Coyne 70), Ken Boden, Mark Jankovics (Phil O'Connor 46), Peter Sharne, Gary Cole (Eddie Krncevic 46), Tommy Cumming (John Nyskohus 67)
Goals : Boden 13, Henderson 55, Sharne 66
Attendance : 40,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Again in Shanghai Australia took on the Tiajin Province
Played : November 18 1979 Venue : Shanghai Stadium, China
Tiajin Province (CHI)
Li Gi-ming (Wan Jien-an 28'), Fong Tian-bao, Shung Chi-Tai, Wan Guan-tai, Ji Yu-bo, Wan Chuing-fa (Lu Hong-shian 65'), Chuong Shu-sen, Wu Tse-ming, Wan Yu Jien, Chen Jing-gang, Chang Guai-lai
0 - 3 Australia
Martyn Crook, Kevin Mullen, Ivo Prskalo, Bobby Russell, Jim Tansey (John Nyskohus), Tony Henderson (Mark Jankovics 46), John Coyne, Jim Rooney (Gary Cole 70), Tommy Cumming, Eddie Krncevic, Phil O'Connor (Peter Sharne 46)
Goals : Krncevic 5, 23, 54
Attendance : 35,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australia then went onto Canton and took on the Canton Army side
Played : November 23 1979 Venue : Canton, China
Canton Army (CHI)
Chu Sha-jin, Yi Tso-Juang, Luong Huao, Ching Yiang-chao, Her Wei, Chen Yi-min, Chang Shu-ren (Ma-shen 68'), Tsen Jing-shing, Chang Ji-chang, Wan Gao-luong (Yiang Wei-shang 72'), Tsen Shiang-Luer
0 - 1 Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Steve Perry, Ivo Prskalo, Arno Bertogna, Jim Tansey, Tony Henderson, Ken Boden (Gary Cole 59), Jim Rooney (Peter Sharne 46), Eddie Krncevic, Phil O'Connor (John Nyskohus 39), Tommy Cumming (John Coyne 65)
Goal : Krncevic 61
Attendance : 30,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australia concluded their Asian tour in Chinese Taipei with two games, one an A match on November 27 (see A archive) and a match against the Taipei Bank club side
Played : November 26 1979 Venue : Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Bank (TWN)
Hen-Kon Chen (Chen-hsing Lee 30), Sheu-chi Wu, Ming Chun Shen, Yun Cheng Wa, Ting Tsia Tsai (Pu Ping Hurn 80), Chen Wu Chung, Den Sen Du, Gin Ying Wu, Chen Jen Yu, Sen-ur Cheung, Den Chen Du
Goal : Sen-ur Cheung 60
1 - 7 Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Kevin Mullen, Ivo Prskalo, Arno Bertogna, Jim Tansey (Steve Perry 65), Jim Rooney (Peter Sharne 46), Tony Henderson (John Coyne), Gary Cole, Ken Boden, Mark Jankovics, Eddie Krncevic
Goals : Krncevic 8, 23, 33, 53, 55, Henderson 25, Cole 59
Attendance : 1,500
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)