1970 Australia Men's National Team Results
Researched by Thomas Esamie, Kevin Christopher, Jean-Michel Cazal, Greg Werner, John Punshon and Doug Butcher, written by Greg Stock

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Friendly Matches | Israel | Greece | Mexico

Source: Page authors, Daily newspapers.

Friendly Matches

Tuesday November 10 1970
National Stadium (Ramat Gan), Tel Aviv, Israel
Referee: Menachem Ashkenazi (Israel)
Attendance: 25,000
Itzhak Visoker, Shraga Bar, David Karako, Yitzhak Shum, Zvi Rosen (Yaakov Rahminovich 46), Shmuel Rosenthal, Giora Spiegel, Arzi Ben Yaacov (Yohanan Vollach 46), Yehoshua Feigenboim, Mordechai Spiegler, Avraham Shabo (Zeev Zelzer 80)
Coach: Emmanuel Scheffer
Jack Reilly, John Roche, Peter Wilson, Manfred Schaefer, Col Curran, Bill Vojtek, John Warren, Jim Mackay, George Blues (Ray Richards 46), Adrian Alston (John Doyle 65), Mike Denton (Sandy Irvine 85)
Coach: Rale Rasic
In October 1970 Australia embarked on a world tour to play much needed matches against a variety of opposition in Asia, Europe and South America. The purpose of the tour was to gain much needed experience ahead of the 1973 World Cup qualifiers. A new coach was installed - Rale Rasic and with him an assistant in Les Scheinflug and they assembled a new look Australian squad. Rasic had decided to overlook some of the more experienced players in favour of youth so he could see just what they were capable of ahead of the 1973 World Cup qualifiers. After playing matches in Hong Kong and Iran the Australians made it to Israel to play their national team.

Tuesday November 17 1970
Panathinaikos Stadium, Athens, Greece
Referee: Nikolaos Giannopoulos (Greece)
Attendance: 12,000
Panagiotis Ikonomopoulos, Giorgos Skrekis, Aristidis Kamaras, Apostolos Toskas, Nikos Stathopoulos, Giorgos Koudas, Konstantinos Eleftherakis, Dimitris Domazos, Giorgos Dedes, Nikos Gioutsos (Dimitris Papaioannou 46), Babis Stavropoulos (Efstathis Haitas 61)
Coach: Vassilis Petropoulos
Goal: Elefterakis 22
Jack Reilly, John Roche, Peter Wilson, Manfred Schaefer, Col Curran, Ray Richards, John Warren, Jim Mackay, George Blues, Adrian Alston, Bill Vojtek (Mike Denton 75)
Coach: Rale Rasic
Goals: Alston 11, Mackay 23, Blues 77
Australias second A-International opponent on their World tour was Greece. Greece afforded great respect to the improving Australians and fielded a full strength side for the match.

Wednesday December 2 1970
Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico
Referee: Abel Aguilar (Mexico)
Attendance: 25,000
Francisco Castrejon, Gamaliel Ramirez, Gustavo Pena, Francisco Montes, Mario Perez, Luis Estrada, Jesus Prado, Mario Velarde, Raul Gomez (Horacio Lopez Salgado 57), Pedro Damian, Javier Valdivia
Coach: Xavier De La Torres
Goals: Valdivia 40, 80, Gomez 55
Jack Reilly, John Roche, Peter Wilson, Sandy Irvine, Col Curran (Dennis Yaager 65), Ray Richards, John Warren, Jim Mackay, George Blues, Adrian Alston, Mike Denton
Coach: Rale Rasic
Red Card: Richards 87
The final international match of the world tour was played in Central America against the Mexican national side. After acclimatising to European weather the Australians found the Mexican climate a much different proposition and this showed on the scoreboard. To make matters worse Ray Richards lost his temper and was sent off for throwing the ball into the face of Mexican captain Gustav Pena.

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