1967 Australia Men's National Team Results
Researched by Thomas Esamie, Kevin Christopher, John Punshon and Doug Butcher, written by Greg Stock

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Source: Page authors, Daily newspapers.

Friendly Matches

Friday November 17 1967
Gelora Senayan Main Stadium, Djakarta, Indonesia
Referee: Not recorded
Linesmen: Tony Boskovic (Australia) and Not recorded
Attendance: 20,000
Indonesian Federation Select XI
Lineup Included; J.Etek
Coach: Not recorded
Roger Romanowicz, George Keith (Garry Wilkins), Stan Ackerley, Manfred Schaefer, Dick Van Alphen, Alan Westwater, Tommy McColl, Atti Abonyi, John Warren (c), Ray Baartz, Billy Vojtek (Ted De Lyster 70)
Coach: Joe Vlasits
Goals: Baartz 37, Abonyi 43
After the National Day Tournament in South Vietnam the Australian team went on a three country tour of South East Asia. The first of these was in Indonesia where the team played one match against an Indonesian Federation XI.

Sunday November 19 1967
Djakarta, Indonesia
Referee: Tony Boskovic (Australia)
Attendance: 35,000
Djakarta Select XI
Lineup Included; Judo Hadijanto, Liem Soei Liang, Bob Matthias, Komor
Coach: Not recorded
Goal: Komor 67
Ron Corry, Gary Wilkins, Stan Ackerley, Frank Micic, Manfred Scahefer, Ray Lloyd, Billy Vojtek, Ray Richards, John Warren (c), Ray Baartz (Alan Westwater), Ted De Lyster
Coach: Joe Vlasits
Goals: Vojtek 1, 74, Warren 6
Following the match against an Indonesian Federation Selection the Australians played against a Jakarta Select XI. This match has been referred to by some statisticians as an A international saying that the Jakarta XI was in fact the Indonesian national side. There is no substantial evidence for this, thus the match has been placed in the B archive.

Thursday November 23 1967
Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
Referee: Not recorded
Attendance: 1,000
Singapore Combined Services
Lineup Included; Billy Tutten
Coach: Not recorded
Goal: Tutten
Roger Romanowicz, Gary Wilkins, Stan Ackerley, Frank Micic, Manfred Schaefer (Dick van Alphen), Ray Lloyd, Billy Vojtek, Atti Abonyi, Ray Richards, Alan Westwater, Tommy McColl (Ted De Lyster)
Coach: Joe Vlasits
Goals: McColl 6, Schaefer 10, Westwater 33, Vojtek 35, 56, Richards 49, Abonyi 78, 80
Following Australias participation in the Vietnam National Day Soccer Tournament the national team played a number of friendlies in South East Asia against Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. After the match against Singapore the national side played a friendly game against a Singapore Combined Services XI.

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