Socceroo 1968 Matches

Socceroo Internationals for 1968

Written by Thomas Esamie, Greg Stock and Jean-Michel Cazal. Thanks to Kevin Christopher for the use of his personal material and John Punshon for the cross referencing of material. For more details see credits.

In 1968 Australia played a three match series against a Japan side at home. The series was notable for the fact that the home crowd was quite vocal for the visiting Japanese side at the expense of the Australians. This was particular to both the Sydney and Melbourne matches and prompted Australian captain Johnny Warren to say "It would have been better if we had been playing in Vietnam or Korea". The first game was played in Sydney. This was a friendly match.
Played : March 30 1968 Venue : Sydney, Australia
Ron Corry, George Keith, Manfred Schaefer, Dick van Alphen, Stan Ackerley, Les Scheinflug, Alan Westwater (Archie Blue), Ray Baartz, Billy Vojtek, John Warren (inj. sub Ray Lloyd), Tommy McColl
Goals : McColl, Blue
2 - 2 Japan
(Lineup incomplete) Yokoyama (GK), Kamamoto, Katayama
Goals : Kamamoto (x2)
Attendance : 8,646
Coach : Joe Vlatsis (Australia)
Half Time : 0-1

This match was the second of the three match series played in Melbourne. Due to injuries Australian coach Joe Vlasits changed the tactics from a 4-2-4 system to a 4-3-3 formation. This change bought immediate results. This was a friendly match.
Played : March 31 1968 Venue : Melbourne, Australia
Ron Corry, George Keith, Alan Westwater, Manfred Schaefer, Stan Ackerley, Archie Blue, Les Scheinflug (Ray Lloyd), Billy Vojtek (Hammy McMeechan), Ray Baartz, Roy Blitz, Tommy McColl
Goals : Scheinflug 33, Vojtek 42, Baartz
3 - 1 Japan
(Lineup incomplete) Kamamoto, Y Kuwahara, Tagaji Mori
Goal : Y Kuwahara 31
Attendance : 9,974
Coach : Joe Vlatsis (Australia)

The third match of the series was played in Adelaide and saw Japan square the series 1-1. This was a friendly match.
Played : April 4 1968 Venue : Adelaide, Australia
Ross Kelly, George Keith, Manfred Schaefer (Ray Lloyd), Dick van Alphen, Stan Ackerley, Alan Westwater, Archie Blue, Ray Baartz, Billy Vojtek, Les Scheinflug, Tommy McColl
Goal : McColl 70
1 - 3 Japan
(Lineup incomplete) Yokoyama (GK), Sygiyama, Kamamoto
Goals : Sygiyama, Kamamoto (x2)
Attendance : 6,127
Coach : Joe Vlatsis (Australia)
Half Time : 0-0