1965 Australia Men's National Team Results
Researched by Thomas Esamie, Kevin Christopher, John Punshon and Doug Butcher and Written by Greg Stock

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Source: Page Authors and Daily Newspapers

Friendly Matches

Thursday February 25 1965
W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth, Australia
Referee: E.Bude (Australia)
Attendance: 12,000
Lou Ivanoff, Mita Stojanovic, Cliff Van Blerk, Neil Morson, Theo Paap, Roy Simpson (c), Hammy McMeechan, Rodney Reid, Jim Malloy, Mike Ireson, Tommy Stankovic
Coach: Eddie McGeough
0 - 2 FK Torpedo Moscow (USSR)
Anzor Kavazashvili, Vyacheslav Andreyuk, Aleksndr Mushkovets, Vladimir Sarayov, Vladimir Brednev, Vladimir Mescheryakov, Vyacheslav Solovyev, Aleksandr Lenev, Vladimir Shcherbakov, Boris Batanov, Oleg Sergeyev
Coach: Viktor Marienko
Goals: Solovyev 27, Sergeyev 69

During 1965 the Russian club side Torpedo of Moscow came to Australia and played a match in Perth against an Australian XI side. This match was the first of a seven game tour of Australia by the Russian club side who played the remaining six games against a number of state and representative sides.

Saturday May 22 1965
Royal Agricultural Showground, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia
Referee: Harold Parsons (Australia)
Attendance: 20,637
John Roberts, Nigel Shepherd, George Nuttall, Pat Hughes, Billy Rice, Les Scheinflug (c), Roy Blitz, John Watkiss, Archie Blue, John Anderson, Jim Pearson
Coach: Tiko Jelisavcic
Goals: Blitz 30, Watkiss 76
2 - 2 Chelsea (England)
John Barron, Marvin Hinton, Ron Harris, John Boyle, John Mortimore (c), Frank Upton, Joe Fascione, Barry Bridges, Peter Osgood, Jimmy McCalliog, Peter Houseman
Manager: Tommy Docherty
Goals: Osgood 9, Upton 84

In 1965 the famous English club Chelsea toured Australia and played eleven matches in Australia. As part of the tour they played two games against the Australian National Team, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. It is interesting to note that a young Terry Venables was a part of the Chelsea touring team (but did not play for these two matches) and later went onto coach the Australian side in their unsuccessful 1998 World Cup campaign.

Match Day Programme

Sunday May 30 1965
Olympic Park, Melbourne, Australia
Referee: Roger Lamb (Australia)
Attendance: 12,000
John Roberts, Nigel Shepherd, George Nuttall, Pat Hughes, Billy Rice, Les Scheinflug (c), Roy Blitz, John Watkiss, Archie Blue, John Anderson, Jim Pearson
Coach: Tiko Jelisavcic
Goal: Watkiss
1 - 1 Chelsea (England)
John Barron, Ken Shellito (John Mortimore), Ron Harris, John Boyle, Marvin Hinton, Frank Upton, Barry Bridges, George Graham, Peter Osgood, Jimmy McCalliog (Joe Fascione), Peter Houseman
Manager: Tommy Docherty
Goal: Bridges

Match Day Programme

Sunday October 24 1965
Parramatta Park, Cairns, Australia
Referee: Not Recorded
Attendance: 1,500
Far North Queensland XI
Lineup Included; Van Dress, Di Marco
Coach: Not Recorded
Lineup Included; Pat Hughes, Les Scheinflug (John Warren), Geoff Sleight, John Anderson, Steve Herczeg, John Watkiss, Jim Pearson
Coach: Tiko Jelisavcic
Goals: Herczeg (x6), Watkiss (x4), Blue (x3), Warren (x2), Anderson, Sleight

The Australian World Cup squad went to Cairns for a two week training camp to prepare for their World Cup qualifiers in Cambodia. A couple of training matches were organised against local opposition. Sadly information on these matches is scant.

Sunday October 31 1965
Ingham Showground, Ingham, Australia
Referee: Not Recorded
Attendance: 4,250
Herbert River-Roma
L.Rodriguez, J.Voormeulen, P.Noble, B.Jones, G.Baggiere, V.Della Rocca, T.Gonella, S.Pittolo, L.Cantante, E.Zannata, F.Checcin; Subs: L.Vevasori, S.Menegon
Coach: Not Recorded
Lineup Included; Stan Ackerley, Billy Rice, Geoff Sleight, John Anderson, Hammy McMeechan, Steve Herczeg, Archie Blue, John Watkiss
Coach: Tiko Jelisavcic
Goals: McMeechan (x4), Herczeg (x2), Blue (x2), Watkiss, Anderson, Ackerley, Sleight

The Australian World Cup squad' second training match was played in Ingham against a local club side. The temperature at kickoff was almost 100 degrees in the old scale providing the ideal preperation for a World Cup qualifier in Cambodia. The Herbert River Express newspaper of November 2nd contained a page two story on the match.

Wednesday December 8 1965
Government Stadium, Hong Kong
Referee: Fred Pratlett (Hong Kong)
Attendance: 13,800
Hong Kong F.A. XI
Cheung Kin-Sze (Kwok Tak Sin 10), Law Pak, Kwok Kam-Hung, Chan Fai-Hung, Tsek Kwok-Keung, Wong Man-Wai, Wong Chi-Keung, Cheung Chi-Doy, Cheung Chi-Wai, Yiu Cheuk-Yin, Mok Chun-Wah
Coach: Lai Chiu-Wing
Goal: Cheung Chi-Wai 50 pen
Bill Rorke, Nigel Shepherd, Stan Ackerley, Pat Hughes, Billy Cook, John Watkiss, Roy Blitz, Jim Pearson, Archie Blue, John Warren (Steve Herczeg), Dave Todd
Coach: Tiko Jelisavcic
Goals: Blue 5, 7, 58
Red Card: Cook 68

This was the second match played in Hong Kong during the Australian tour of South East Asia, but this match was played against a Hong Kong XI. This match earnt front page coverage in Australian newspapers following a riot which broke out at the end of the match after a very spiteful and brusing encounter between the two teams. The Australian players left the field by police escort but were pelted with stones and bottles while several of the rioters were arrested. No Australian player was injured.

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