United v Marconi

Round 17 report by Andrew Legget
Sydney United v Marconi-Fairfield

This is my first contribution and i wish it was a better result for me to talk about.

We started out sitting on concrete on Australia day listening to Sydney Uniteds owner going on about the croation community,and how that all the money they have raised is good for their nation ( stupidest speech i have ever heard ) all i have to ask is WHAT NATION??

This is the best Marconi has played since the Knights game, and deserved to come away with at least a point. The ref didn't do us any favours by not letting a sure penelty stand, when in the second minute Brad Maloney was taken out in the box...( Anyone with optus will see what i mean )...

Not long after that a cross came in the box ( not sure who, maybe my dad Forza or GKW would know ) and Chad Gibson put the ball in the back of the net, to make it 0-1.

I don't have a clue who scored Sydney United's first goal because i had my ears blocked as i could not stand the "croatia" chants.

During half time there was some idiot waving around an Italian flag just in front of us but finally came to his senses,when me and five other marconi supporters told him to piss off while waving Aussie flags.

The score at half time was 1-1. In the second half Gibson recieved a cross from Trajanovski ( I think ) and pounded the ball past the United keeper to make it 1-2. About 10 minutes later Sterjovski humiliated Dave Acevski by drill the ball low, hard and underneath the 2nd choice goalie ( Even i could have saved it ). Farina has really got to think about this goalie, as he is the type of goalie who needs to be 4-0 in front to make sure you come away with three points.

Suddenly in the second half all the Sydney United players started attacking Awaritefe and he got red carded leaving marconi with ten men. We are still not sure about what happened here, but we think it might be for back-heading someone.

About 15 minutes later a penelty was give to Sydney United, (which look like a little touch compared to the one bugsy should have got) and Sterjovski stood up to take it. Acevski was unlucky here as he had a almost a hand on it. But some people could ask some questions about whether it was a penelty or not.

As Marconi loose again, we have to ask "When is Covic coming back?" As we came out of Edensor Park for the last time, we had plenty to say about the ref's perfomance, who did make some good decisions, but still wasn't the best performance.

All in all Marconi were lucky to end the game with ten men and Sydney united with eleven