Carlton v Knights

Round 15 report by David Arnold
Carlton SC v Melbourne Knights

There is no point listing our lineup - Tricarico and Vlahos constantly swap around. Also I keep shitting myself figuring if we're playing sweeper (Roly) and two markers (Sterg and Cervinksi) or flat four. Today it seemed like the sweeper.

Atkinson and Colosimo return, both to midfield in absence of Lapansky and Bresciano. Tricarico depending on whom you listen was banished to the wing.

An extremely boring first half with only Tricarico stabbing home from a scramble. We got a lot of frees around the box but couldn't convert any of them, no shortage of takers.

Just before halftime Sterg did his moron act, it happens at least once a game, and was robbed on the goaline from a fastbreak. The ball was swept behind our (slow arriving) defence where Kelic got his 100th or 101st goal.

Lou Sticca got a couple of cases for the small if growing and enthusiastic support. You can imagine the reaction he got for the second half. Without sounding too negative I hope he was in the clear regarding liquor licencing laws. Bresciano too was proving very popular. I think he needs to be playing though, constant adulation from the unwashed can warp young minds. Bresciano was obviously loving the attention and was milking it, he shutup though when Lou joined him in the second half, Lou too was in need of adulation (smirk).

Moreira and Marth scored 3 goals in 20 minutes to finalize the game. All scrappy goals - as well as Tricarico's - converting scrambled attempts inside the box. Marth played by far his best game for us, I think he put Moreira through for one of them.

The Knights made it interesting when they scored late in the game. They had another chance put alas for them Marko Viduka is but a painful and bittersweet memory.