Spirit v Marconi

Round 15 report by deaser@ozemail.com.au
Northern Spirit v Marconi-Fairfield

Tonight I accompanied the Forza clan and Ted "the Bullpit" Roach - that's a 'P' - to watch the Spirit give Marconi the hiding that's been due for weeks now. Forza and I are quite used to such inept performances from the Stallions but poor old "Bullpit" would have been tearing his hair out, except that nature had beaten him to it.

Forza and I headed straight for Percy's pub when we got off the Marconi bus, hoping to meet some of our fellow listees there. Unfortunately we did not meet anyone who admitted to knowing us - just heaps of castoffs from the barmy army - we had a couple of beers anyhow. From here on the evening went decidedly downhill.

Forza junior said that Aceski only held the ball 4 times all night - I missed three of them - perhaps I was distracted by the vast array of young feminine pulchritude on display. Seriously though, this young bloke must piss sitting down - he doesn't seem capable of holding on to "anything". You've got to feel sorry for him though - thrown in at the deep end 6 weeks ago, he started off with very little confidence and soon lost that, thanks to a defence that is giving him no help at all.

Mark Babic once again stood up, but he can't do it all on his own. His name sake "Sean" was pretty lively up front when he came on at half-time, but he was on his own most of the time too. Maybe we better sign up nine more of the Babic clan. Francis tried all night but he was monstered by Bilopkapic and couldn't get going.

Nice to see Buggsy and Kim back from injury though both looked to have come back a week too soon.

I think Franky better get some of those Viagra eye-drops and take a "long hard look" at the team. At the halfway mark, we are looking more like going down the ladder than improving.

A really good crowd (though it didn't look as big as the ground announcer said). BTW I don't think the Spirit really need this bloke spuiking all night - maybe he should stick to surf reports or else find some thing he's more suited to - "Playschool" perhaps?

The Spirit actually played some good football, though helped immensely by some really poor marking. Slater was given more room than a syphillitic whore and as the night wore on he took complete charge, inspiring his young team-mates with his skill and "cheek". The fouth goal which he engineered was a gem.

Final score:- Northern Spirit 4 v Marconi 0.

a sad and almost sober.

P.S. The Marconi idea of refunding the bus fares to supporters who travel to away games is great BUT if they keep on playing like this they'll have to offer something else too - perhaps free beer?