Glory v Carlton

Round 13 report by David Arnold
Perth Glory v Carlton SC

Perth 3 (Druggie, Souvalaki addict, Gracia)
Carlton 0

Really stange. Perth timewaste the first 45 minutes then launch the blitzkreig in the second with 3 goles. The Druggie launched a typical free kick which beat Cagalj, Gracia scored after our defence decided to head off down Cottlesloe and Santa finished off whatever slim chance we had with a strike inside the box.

We really have to get our act together in midfield. Vlahos played as only Vlahos can - 10 touches into trouble, shanking from 5 metres out, Lapansky disappeared, Marth left his game at Somers street leaving Bresciano to do all the work. When the midfield is pissing uphill the need for somebody- anybody to beat the man and move the ball upfield. Hello, may we please import a winger, and further can he please play on the left?

Up front Moreira's mind was on Inpanema beach and he seemed to be hiding somewhere in the vincinity of his marker's shadow. Tricarico ran around alot and was substituted for his pains.

Marth is not the destroyer of Somers st. Vlahos has lost all his form.

Grim times ahead?