Souths v Spirit

Round 11 report by David Arnold
South Melbourne v Northern Spirit

Found myself supporting Souths today. That sort of game and their opponents left me with little choice. We were predicting Spirit would look good and dangerous for the first 20 or so minutes then Souths would tear the jugular apart. As it turned out.

Rudan - where have I heard that prick's name before - looked most dangerous in a strange Sydney lineup that alas failed to deliver the revolution they deserved. Arnie at sweeper had us in giggles. Even funnier was his face only taking 20 minutes to turn red. Slater was nowhere in sight, a great disappointment for the booboys amongst us.

Curjica scored a classic poacher's goal volleying in a botched clearance from Henderson. His second in the second came when he dragged his foot, a Spiriter caught it and Curjica tucked away the penalty.

The only question now was would Souths throw it away? Arnie went up front and Spirit looked much better for it. Spirit in no matter deserved a draw, as I have heard on the list. They played well for the first 20 minutes as everybody knew they would but simply weren't up to it.

A few people are confident the GF will be in Melbourne again and this weekend almost has me convinced (cf Baser). The Sydney clubs don't look up to it - Olympic is a darkhorse, Marconi will win in the next 2 season but not this. Adelaide City are past it which leaves only Perth, Carlton and Souths.

Baser played his last home game before transferring to Turkey and received a standing ovation from the few who were still in the ground. Seems people can't be bothered acknowledging those who do their best by the club - judging by those streaming for the exit. Good luck Tansel - it will be interesting to see how Souths cope in his absence.