Carlton v Olympic

Round 12 report by David Arnold
Carlton SC v Sydney Olympic

Crowd 3800 "We are multicultural We are multicultural" - as sung to Olympic

Bloody good game which consisted mainly of Carlton attacking (to no avail) and Olympic defending (with utter brilliance from Bouhoutsos and Durakovic). Durakovic made two game-saving tackles just in front of his goal.

Carlton lined up with Markovac out of the 14 and Vlahos going wide. Markovac unsurprisingly omitted after his performance at Fairfield and the recent dropping of Vlahos was a surprise to some. The Great Cagalj remains between the sticks, having only 1 goal go past you in the last 5 or so games tends to make coach leave you there.

Deano again cut a lonely and sad figure in the youths. Speaking of which Serdar Pir, a fast and balanced defender, has caught the eye over the last few games. Too many defenders at the club, he really should go to Souths or the Knights.

Olympic's no.23 was a trickmeister in action, having recently studied modern french diving under Monsieur Ginola. Great to watch. Gonzales? Yet again the numbers bollocked up...

Vlahos showed why he was dropped when he criminally missed the easiest chance since John Hewson at the 93 election. Lapansky? sent in a half cleared ball that found Vlahos alone with only the keeper to beat. 1 month ago he would have faked the keeper 3 times before strolling it in. But today he fluffed it away.

Marth had a shot off the bar when Olympic decided to do something about it and promptly set off upfield with Emerton going over in the box for a disputed call (aren't they all). Bent Brazzale, last seen gambling at the casino with Boutsianis, was obviously in need of some folding stuff as he denied the call.

Emerton, the so-called greatest winger in Asia, is in shocking form. Did not do a single thing owing largely to the the continued excellence of the peroxide purge Stergiopolous. Long may the purge continue. But Jason Culina caught my eye and looks like the goods.

Carlton really need an early goal or two to get it going. If we get an early one we are impossible to beat unless the referee is clearly on the other side's payroll (Refer Brett Hugo/Spirit game). As such this game turned out similar to that one.

Moreira bought it up faked one way and dragged his foot/dove into a tackle. Brazzale indeed was intent on repaying his considerable servitude to the Carlton Soccer Club by awarding a penale. Up stepped not Lapansky, not Marth, not even Moreira, not even Vlahos but Bresciano. He of course missed it, which summed up our game perfectly. Also missing it were the linesmen who continually fucked it up when Tricarico was timing his runs to perfection. Memo to all linesmen - go read the fucking rulebook and don't fucking come back til you do.

I would not bet against Olympic making the six with Durakovic and Bouhoutsos in that form.