Carlton v Breakers

Round 10 report by David Arnold
Carlton SC v Newcastle Breakers

Anthopolous   Sterg	Roly 	Cervinski	
Bresciano	Marth	Lapansky
	   Moreira	Tricarico

A bit surprised with Cagalj in goals. It was raining and I thought Deano would have been preferred in the inclement conditions having just returned from Europe. Atkinson and Colosimo not playing, Vlahos dropped to the bench, another surprising move given Vlahos has been one of our better players this season. A shakeup by Edi K?

A bit surprised to find a bloke handing out "My Blue Heaven" a fanzine, and a pretty good one. Match reports from Sydney United and "Help us" (you can work it out). Mr. Smith claims the article on the ex-souths player with a "gambling problem" is defamatory but I said he couldn't be identified. I check out the article again and sure enough Mr. Boutsianis could claim damages to further waste away. Mr. Smith is vowing revenge and a pisstake of said fanzine will be in evidence at Souths-Spirit next weekend.

Good result for us. Took a long time to break down Newcastle but finally got quicker and the final pass came good. Bresciano setup Moreira for a guided header that Swancott ? (Newcastle's numbering system seemed messed up) couldn't reach, the ball in off the post. Moreira is a pretty good header and this is the second far-post targetted header he's scored with this season. Maybe Lou is right after all...

Newcastle. I have only 3 words. They couldn't score. The game does not matter about how good your general play is, the only thing about the game, since time immortal, is you have to score. Yoon worked his way into the box faking out 3 defenders only to hook wide from 2 metres out. 3 metres out in the second half after being gifted and the softest 'shot' I've ever seen. In a counter attack they hit the bar, got the rebound, worked it back round and hit the post.

Bresciano and Tricarico combined with Bresciano darting past a defender to hit a screaming drive into the corner. I think it was him again to split the trap and Moreira ran onto and finished.

The rebuild is over and it's time to play. Marconi away, Olympic home and Glory away.