Glory v Sharks

Round 8 report by Gerry Prewett
Perth Glory v Adelaide Sharks

I won't call this a match report as the view from the Shed is too restricted to gain a proper appreciation of all that is going on! But the atmosphere, ah well!

In summary Glory had a "Get Out of Jail Card" day. Without playing too well they secured all three points. West Adelaide didn't show any great adventure in pushing forward, but Glory didn't threaten them overmuch either. Then just before half time an amazing double save by Danny Milosovic (the second time pushing the ball up onto the bar) meant that Glory would go in at Half Time with the score 0-0. But wait a moment, Glory have a free kick on the edge of the box. Up steps John Markovski and Glory go in 1-0 to the good at the break insted of 0-1. God is a Glory fan!

In the second half the pattern was much the same as the first with Glory looking very lacklustre but the Sharks not showing any real signs of punishing Glory. Suddenly Markovski pounces again, 2-0 to to the Glory and it's "Beer Shampoo" time again in the Shed. To choruses of "Get Your ***s out for the Lads" a couple of young ladies duly obliged, unfortunately for us more erudite Left-side chappies they were Right-side ladies.

Then with everything going swimmingly for Glory and an easy three points in the bag an event that may change their whole season took place. Vinko Buliabasic went in hard for a challange and was left prone. Reports indicate that he has a double fracture of the leg and that he won't be back until March at the earliest. (However knowing the typical WA sports reporting he may have a broken big toe-nail, no dis-respect to Vinko, who did look genuinely seriously injured but the Press over-reacts chronically here). [Note : The Press got it right.... - Ed]

Then with 5 minutes to go and with no danger at all a long floated cross from near the left corner flag caught Milosovic napping and floated over his head into the top corner. It lead to the most exciting 5 minutes of the game, during which time the Sharks hit the Glory post.

Sorry Sharks fans but if your boys showed a bit more endevour Glory were there for the taking today.