Wolves v Ad City

Round 4 report by Stephen Webb
Wollongong City v Adelaide City

(How could you not know it was Mori who scored? I've little idea who most of the other Adelaide City players were but the highlight of any Wolves v Adelaide City game is seeing Sinozic eat up Mori.)

Mori made his goal look easy, though. Or the poor protection provided by the wall made it look easy. Maybe Les could be asked a few questions about it, too. But Mori might just as well have been taking a penalty. And to me it looked as though Alvin's goal benefited from a cruel deflection.

Wolves had the best of first half despite playing into the fierce and icy wind. Before Wolves scored there had only been one decent shot on target each. The wind seemed to have died down a bit in the second half which was pretty even/pretty dull until the closing minutes when Wolves were scrambling in desperation to get the win they deserved.

Petkovic mightn't have had to make a straightforward save in the second half, but he kept Surjan out when he had the ball right at his post and a defender had to clear a shot off the line.

If Wolves were crap I'd be pretty worried if I were an Adelaide supporter. They'll be mighty pleased to have escaped with a draw. And Wolves will be rueing not collecting all three points.

Adelaide players collected quite a bundle of yellow cards in the first half, lashing out Chipperfield, Horsley and Brooks (who seemed to have lifted against his old club; gee he's competitive). Alvin fired in several of those crosses you all hate. Tobin was cool and classy (and unfortunately for Wolves didn't make the bungles he made against us last season).

We were: the proud parents of Wolves' mascot for the night (who sat on the bench next to Nick and apparently heard a lot of cuss words).

We've booked tickets for Northern Spirit next weekend. Stuck up in the O'Reilly Stand.

(What a mad bunch of results this week!)