Wolves v Sharks

Round 26 report by Stephen Webb
Wollongong City v Adelaide Sharks

Ref was Con the tooterer. Gee he makes some curious decisions. Very good tonight at playing the advantage for long enough to see if it was going to pay off, though. Quennet and Iandiorio were yellow carded.

By the time this was nearly over I was thinking a draw would better reflect the game. First half Wolves were dominating with possession and slowly building or fast building with quick passes, but the Sharks capitalised on Wolves frequent errors. Frightening stuff in front of their own goal. Adelaide had more of the better chances during the game, but good crosses from the right weren't put away and there was some soft finishing. The several good blasts at goal they had were blocked or caught by Beltrame in another man-of-the-match performance. Wolves' efforts were mostly hacking at the ball in a sea of feet and ankles in the Adelaide goal box. Even Horsley's goal ended up a bit like that, though he started the good series of passes that saw the ball back at his feet in front of goal. Wolves lost it in the second half and Sharks had some possession and it was often Wolves who were counter attacking. Duric seemed the most interesting of the Sharks. And I liked their #17 early in the first half. Souris defended well, as usual. And Horsley was pretty effective. The two Tahitian guys weren't on for long but their acceleration had the Sharks defence in a bit of a fluster. I don't think either coach would be happy with their team's peformance. Pretty dire.