Carlton v Marconi

Round 26 report by David Arnold
Carlton v Marconi-Fairfield

Subject: Generation X - The Deer Hunter has gone missing

I thought our confidence was back for most of the game, with Cervinski and Con looking like their 97-98 versions but it was a poor game from 2 of the outside finals contenders.

We scored when Moreira - finally - sucessfully dribbled his man and shot with Thompson following up.

Our best players were Martin (superb technique and got forward brilliantly) and Roly. Of the youngsters, Martin and Stojevski have done the best, Grbac bas been slower to find his feet, but he showed a lot of talent last night. Those 3 are definitely ones to look for next season. Ouliaris hasn't overly impressed, he may not be ready. The 2 young defenders Pir and Della Rocca haven't progressed as much and I don't think will be back for next season.

Marconi got their two from frees, a tap aside for Guy Gibson to bomb in and the 2nd was a direct shot.

Mark has given up and is on the verge of switching to the Knights, at least there you don't feel like a piece of plastic. Generation Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Internet...

The difference between fan-oriented outfits (Spirit and Glory) and plastic/profit oriented outfits (Carlton) is the single reason the Markian Jaworskys, Tony D'Alfonsos and Tom Andersons of the 3 above mentioned Generations have given up on Carlton.

And who can blame them? (I'm REALLY going to enjoy shivering when Perth come visiting).