Cosmos v Carlton

Round 23 report by Davod Arnold
Canberra Cosmos v Carlton

It's hard to believe this is the Carlton team that started off with 8 goals in it's first 2 games. Then Spirit come down, have more luck than Harry Houdini and exit with a win. And from then on we've not been in it. The challenge for Edi then was to convert that demoralising loss into anger, and thence a win or a right kicking the next match. But we were inpsid in Brisbane and then I put down a question mark next to his name.

But as an aside Canberra were excellent, and it's even harder to believe this is the same team we beat 3-0 at home a few months ago. I have no idea where this Serrmani guy has been hiding but I suggest the Canberrites sign him up for a longer time. I've always liked Buljan and de Jesus looks the part as well.

Having stopped slagging off his senior players, Edi is now rebuilding, no major surprise there. Tolios and Stojevski made their debuts and Grbac continued on from the bench. Maybe Nello Noto, a good left winger from the academy should also get a run for next season. Also I'd suggest playing Grbac from now on so we can figure if he's any good or what.

I hope a vicious axe swings this offseason, we do need it. May I suggest the following players be shown the door:

Cervinski - no sense of positioning whatsoever
Moreira - no idea whatsoever
Sterg - just not a top level player
Con - 50/50 just doesn't seem to offer much

Roly, Lapansky, Marth, Tricarico and Thompson should all stay. I would suggest we get the following players in:

Any left winger
A killer in the air for the defence
A target man up front
A creative midfielder

I'll post a more comprehensive review when (not if) we miss the finals.

No el classico grande this weekend.

Just a query Nick - you mentioned Edi said Carlton needed more compassion? What did he mean?