Carlton v Strikers

Round 21 report by David Arnold
Carlton v Brisbane Strikers

"Archie Thompson Mr 45???"

Crowd : ~2k. NO way was it any more.

	Thompson	Moreira
Bresc	Lubo		Tricarico
Simes	Roly	Della Rocca	Atkinson

Anthopolous, Marth and Ouliaris on the bench.

We score after 6 minutes, Thompson latches onto a rebound and blasts home. Congenial hosts as always, inviting our distinguished guests to force us 50 metres onto the back foot and infuriating us in the process.

This lack of confidence has even spread to Simes and Marco. I feel like apoligizing on behalf of Australian fitba to Simon. He, for some unknown reason, has coaches lining him up at leftback. First Raul and now Edi. Even more absurd was Sterg, normally our left back, paying just in front of defence. If he decides enough is enough, I don't blame him.

Bris had a player sent off for a double bookable, he was booked about 2 minutes previously. All together now "I wanna be a ref" Yes, it's HIM again, BRENT BETT EGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cagalj gives away a penale then promptly saves it. Aside from that incident, Brisbane's set pieces were utterly superb all game long, Wehrman and Hews? were utterly on the mark the whole game. Or maybe it's just a Kossie thing?

Archie gets our second after someone was hauled back, Lubo swings it to the near post and he bundles it in.

At 2-0 up against the 10 men, Carlton are of course their most dangerous. Who do we spy awarding a free kick for a frown at a Striker? Into extra time? And yes the inswinging ball met by a yellow shirt is almost mandatory.

Enter, stage left, Alex Moreira passing the ball. The reverbations of this are still being felt in the Arnold household where a visit to the quack was not enough to alleviate the heart murmur this.. this EVENT caused.

Alex. Moreira. Pass. Finally decides to pass instead of throwing his righteous self over outstretched legs in the box. His cross to Archie for his 4th was an utter gem with the dispatching of ball into net a mere formality.

Simes took a walk for lashing out. He dribbled past, got kicked, then lost the ball, then kicked back. As much I hate to say it, he has to learn how to go down (but of course, not like Moreira).

Archie and Alex. Archie and Alex will take us to the promised land.

Sterg wrapped it up by placing a ball past Bolton into the far corner.