Spirit v Carlton

Round 20 report by David Arnold

Spirit won 3-1 - a blackout in the last 20 minutes so I didn't get it all. Maybe just as well.

Carlton this season go like ;

while (minute++ < 45) {
while (minute++ < 90) {

I'm just so pissed off with Carlton continually throwing away the game I can't get the words out. 11 men, 10, 9 it don't make a difference, we'll find SOME way to lose it.

Memo to Mr Marth: In your current role as chief aggressor, you are useless. You will get booked in the first 10 minutes and play like a pussycat for the rest of the game.

We were coasting as usual when Arnie decides to stroll up from his sweeper position and Stergiopolous decides to punch his card for the half, 45 minutes is enough work for me, cheers, see ya in the rooms. Oh was that a goal we just conceded where I should've been? Err sorry bout that.

Edi, besides slipping the valium in the halftime break, has no idea what our best team is. Perhaps I can help him out :

	Moreira		Thompson
Bresc	Lubo/Atkinson	Marth	    Tricarico
Sterg	Colosimo	Roly	   Con/Atkinson

Edi, I realise you may feel loyal to some players, but there is no way David Cervinski rates ahead of Marth, Colosimo or Roly. Con has done well on the right, leave him there.

Their second came from Slater who strolled up behind our 3 stooges and turned in the cross, after Clacka Zane, of all people, dribbled 2 men before finding keko? out wide.

From a similar position in the first half, Bresciano had done all he could, and yet his pulled back cross was wasted by Moreira and Tricarico coming in on the wings.

Moreira is incapable of scoring against a top 6 team, in fact his 11 or so goals, 10 of them have come against teams in the bottom 4 at the time. He can't score away from home (except at Gippsland last week) and is a general loss.

Also at a loss is Carlton. This season, we were expected to become more consistent, but the opposite has happened. If this form continues we won't even make the finals.