Falcons v Carlton

Round 19 report by David Arnold
Gippsland Falcons v Carlton

Gippsland 2 (Thompson, MacNicol)
Carlton 1 (Moreira)

I did enjoy it after all even if the result was not to my liking. A long natter with LouS beforehand informing me of problems with CSC, North Spirit, Gippsland and myself.

Colosimo on the bench again, surprising after he turned the game around last week. He would replace David Cervinski in the 2nd half, who seems to get shrinking playing time.

Bresc was superb in the first 20 minutes, we would have won 5-0 or something had he played like that the rest of the game.

Lapansky should have buried a classic back-post cross (from Bresc's weak foot) and David Cervinski shanked from about 1 metre out.

Moreira scored after Lapansky put him through. Of his 11 goals 10 have come against teams in the bottom 4 and only 2 in total on the road. He needs to do more to prove he's not a rabbit killer.

Roly sent off for bringing down bush bullet goalbound after a shocking backpass - I think Roly slipped as he was turning? The Laws (no .12) on www.fifa.com state: "denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player's goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick"... shall be punished with a red card. Yes, but the ref gave Roly a yellow (his second) then showed the red. This doesn't seem right...

Thompson scored shortly after bullet near post header from a corner. He was subbed off to tearful acclaim. Becvinovski was subbed off but almost got into fistfight with Munro, disagreement revolving around Becvinovski wishing to take a shower and Munro wishing him to sit on the bench, eventually resolved with tracksuits at 5 paces.

Bell cut it back for macnicol to score from 1 metre or so.

Colosimo sent for an idiotic 2 footed lunge, his second and there was no doubting the colour of the card. hopefully Edi K can instill some discipline where players on a yellow do not go in two footed. this tackle was even more ridiculous as it happened about halfway in the Gippsland half.

I can't figure us out. We've been playing poorly over the last few games, the defence has shippped 13 goals in 5 games, yet team selection and tactics are very consistent, and most (if not all) players have been consistent this season. Only Marth (maybe Moreira) you can say are inconsistent.

Antho, Roly, Cervinski/Colosimo, Sterg

That's a defence which really shouldn't concede more than a goal a game, and less when Marth and Lapansky are in midfield.

A run of bad form or are we missing Vlahos? Or is it something more?

A (very) cheerful Tom Anderson and junior in the bar afterwards enjoying a very public last laugh. Indeed, all Falcons were enjoying a very good laugh, and such is my displeasure of CSC's antics in the transfer market I was tempted to join them.

Oh, and in another case of poor media relations, the CSC boys decided to board the bus straight after the game ignoring the 3 or so journalists camped outside their door. Tooting the horn as I passed them on the way back to Melbourne was the only media interaction possible.

And Lou Sticca? Unavailable for comment.