Round 29 report by Nick Guoth
Canberra Cosmos 0 - West Adelaide 1

Although a match of no real imortance for the Cosmos with regard to standings, a win was needed for the visitors so that they could maintain their run to the finals. Having heard a good result in Sydney earlier in the day, a win here would move West Adelaide into the Top 6. The Cosmos were maintaining their team from the Marconi clash, except for Wade coming in for the suspended Kelly. The visitors were without important players, Robbie Hooker, Milosevic and Tibaldi. These teams had met 4 times before this season and the books were even.

Canberra opened up with a move that put the local crowd on the edge of their seats. Richard Watson kicked the ball towards the goal line to get it away from the danger zone. Anthony Giannasca decided to pick it up and the referee correctly ruled this as a 'pass to the keeper'. An indirect free kick at the edge of the six-yard box was awarded. The ball was passed to Airton Andrioli but his blast bounced off Giannasca and clear.

During the rest of the first half there numerous chances to both teams to open the scoring. The visitors saw Nathan Day head towards goal only for Giannasca to save well. Day had another chance when he volleyed just wide. For the Cosmos, Lachlan Armstrong had more of the chances. The first occured when Richard Watson waltzed through the middle and sent a smart through ball. Lachlan's low shot was saved well. His next chance came when Tony Lemezina immitated Watson,but the shot went just wide. Finally in extra time, a one-two between John Koch and Peter Mazis saw Koch deliver the ball into the middle of the box. Armstrong's overhead went just over the bar. Armstrong was not the only one to have a chance or two with Michael Musitano missing two chances over the bar.

The second half continued as the first did with both sides having chances and not putting them away. Armstrong had another good chance early after a through ball from Paul Dee, but he sent the ball into the side netting. Nathan Day had a long shot well saved by Giannasca. Then in the 56th minute a corner to the visitors from the right was punched out by Giannasca and landed at the feet of substitute Jim Keramidas who's shot went through the pack and into the goal.

Alike the match against Marconi, Canberra coach Mike Lyons pushed his backs up into the attack in search of the equalizer. There were a number of chances, but none of these made it into the goal. Musitano, Castro, Paul Wade and Perinovic all had a go. A few minutes before time Jim Tsekinis broke free and nearly scored to seal the match for the visitors, but a great save by Giannasca kept his team in with a chance. The last attempt at goal came to last Saturday's hero Armstrong, except this time his shot was saved by the keeper.

Compared to the last two games, those against Olympic and Marconi, this was a scrappy game. Neither team really deserved to win, but the result suited a happy Raul Blanco who's team is still in their with a chance for the finals.