Marconi v Force

Round 23 report by Fred Legget
Marconi-Fairfield v Adelaide Force

A thorughly undeserved victory.

That's how I summed up last night's 2-1 victory over a plucky Adelaide City outfit.

Apart from Angelo Costanzo and Domininc Longo, Marconi were simply uncompetitive in the first half, as if they all had the shits and couldn't be bothered!

Not a technical summation of events granted, but it probably accurately sums up proceedings in language that all can understand.

Perhaps there are demotivating things happening behind the scenes, I don't know, but the first half performance was probably the worst I have seen from them in sober memory.

One down at half time to a club who should have been in complete disarray after the internal problems they had leading up to this game, and it was looking very much like our season was finally over.

The introduction of Bredan Renaud in the second half, was what sparked our revival.

Coming off the bench after being out for two weeks through injury, Rexy sped past two defenders and fired in a cross from the left.

For once Royce Brownlie was NOT offside, and poked the ball in for the equaliser.

With seconds remaining, Alex Brosque sent him through and Brownlie, on side for the second time that evening, scooped the ball over the keeper and into the net to keep our slim semi final hopes alive.

Until next week anyway.

A disappointing performance certainly, but I will gladly take the 3 points.

That Marconi are still in with a chance of making the semis with 3 games to go is no small feat, given the constraints they faced this season.

Lee Sterrey has done a wonderful job, and should be rewarded, but it appears that the rumour mill is suggesting that he won't be..and the players have performed greater than expected.

The team is perhaps a victim of their own success, or success that they had at the start of the season anyway, and perhaps some board members are unaware that generally speaking, a side comprised of players mainly wiht youth league experience is unlikely to make the top six.

Angelo Costanzo once again, showed that he is the bet player in Australia, and Dominic Longo was ouotstanding in defence.

Luckily Dominic and I get on all right, cos I'd hate to meet him on a dark night if we didn't....

Anything I say here about player movements is just rumour I hasten to add..but the word is that John Masaino won't be playing in Sydney next season, and Angelo Costanzo probably will..but not at Marconi.

Lee Sterrey ..well he SHOULD be there next season, but I'm afraid there is no guarantee of that.

The rumour mill says that Rale Rasic will be given the Director of Football job, and the first team coach..well you can take your pick.

Depending on who you spoke to last night, the first grade coach will be..

1 Raul Blanco
2 Lee Sterrey
3 Rale Rasic himself
4 a former Marconi player currently in a coaching position
5 Forza Fred

Don't ask me which one is correct, as I say, it depends on whom, and on what day you speak to.

guess we'll just have to wait and see..only one home game to go by the way.

Where did my life/season go?