Knights v Kingz

Round 24 report by Grant Stantiall
Melbourne Knights v Football Kingz

Some observations from the dull 2-2 draw this evening:

1) Aaran Lines has scored the goal of the season.

2) Perry Mur awarded a yellow card to a Kingz player (Burton). This is the first card of any colour Perry has given the Kingz. We still like him, especially has he missed calling a penalty very late in the game when a Knights player was taken out in the box.

3) When the 4th official indicates 4 minutes of extra time, why in Australia does this really miss at least six minutes? We had visions of the Carlton debacle last season when Marth scored in that 1-1 draw well after the time should have been up.

4) Knights Stadium pitch looks damned near identical to grassed areas we in NZ call paddocks. Is it always this ugly looking?

5) Knights fans. Well, from the C7 telecast we got here, cardboard cut-outs would have raised the roof at Sommers St. It had the atmosphere of a morgue.

6) C7. Great camera work. Point one camera towards the sun and have the other at ground level. It works a treat. Must have been learned from Cook Islands TV that one. C'mon C7...the camera facing the sun is a shocker. Might have to subcontract coverage out to SKY and get the job done properly!

7) The Kingz let in the softest goals of any club in the NSL. Someone like Julian Clary or Liberace (dead?) is required at the back to stiffen up the defence. Marth would be ideal apart from the fact that every Kingz fan hates him.

8) This is a game that the Kingz could have won. The season isn't quite over for them however they must win games...won't see me getting down to the TAB tipping them to beat Souths and Wolves at home!

9) I'm off to bed. Me heads done in watching that game. God awful.