Marconi v Syd Utd

Round 20 report by Fred Legget
Marconi-Faifield v Sydney United

No sooner had I devoured the final schooner and left the bog, than Big Francis popped up to head past Aceski and a shorn Longo to open the scoring.

I've always liked Big Francis for his wholehearted approach, and that goal will mean a lot to him.

He told me after the game that other than scoring he didn't think he had a good game, but I reckon he put himself about sufficiently to earn his wages.

One United player who doesn't deserve to get them though is Mr Bilakopic.

Elbows just doesn't seem to be professional enough for my liking.

As soon as he came on the park as a late sub, he was met with the cry of 'Northern Spirit Reject'

Now, a professional player should just ignore this, but he turned to the crowd and gave them, shall we say.."a wave"

Now let's not be prudish abuot such stuff, far from being upset about that when it happens, I, and those around me tend to react gleefully and think "you beauty, we've got a live one here, let's reel him in!"

And so the interaction progressed.....with words exhanged between Forza jnr adn elbows. Even to the point where GKW and I were making our way for much needed refreshments near the end of the game, and I offered him some unsolicited carrer advice from the half way lne, he again took his eye off the game to search for me.

No doubt he appreciated my advice, and thought that I was such a wise old sage who should be sought out and consulted more often!

Not very professional though.

An abolute must for inclusion in SBS Red Faces, is United's second goal.

A 25 yarder was going straigh to David Aceski.

Now there are two possible explanations.

1 The low shot took a wicked bounce on the Marconi turf and despite David appearing to have the ball covered, it bounced over his head into the net, or

2 he was auditioning for a job in the circus!

Anyway, you decide when you see the footage.

As I told anyone who was unfortunate enough to be in earshot, at no time did I think Marconi were going to be anyuthing other than winners.

United appeared to play for time, even from the first half.

Traj rightly was awarded man of the match and socred with a superb free kick (which many thought should have been a penalty). Given that he had already missed a penalty in the third minmute, we were glad of the referee's decision.

If Traja keeps playing like that, well, I'll just have to tell Hibs about him!

Archie scored two identical goals from close in after an assist form the United goalie, who too, obviously sees himself in the circus as a juggler, and young Royce Brownlie continued his education by scoring the fifth, just as the drouth was starting to get the better of us.

Marconi were comfortable winners, and neither the United team nor their supporters, showed any flare...8-)

Marconi Stallions bounced back from last week's Victorian nightmare with an emphatic 5-2 victory over local rivals, Sydney United at Marconi Stadium.

United stormed out of the blocks and opened their account within 30 seconds of play via a goal from former Stallion Francis Awaritefe. Kris Trajanovski had an opportunity to level the scores 3 minutes later via the penalty spot however badly skewered his strike wide of goal.

John Gibson opened his Marconi account for the season with a long range shot in the 22nd minute and the scores remained level at halftime.

The second half promised much action with both teams heavily committed to attack.

Trajanovski made amends for his earlier penalty miss with a sensationally struck freekick just outside the box. Archie Thompson made it 3-1 on the hour mark before United hit back 4 minutes later via a Tom Pondeljak rocket. Thompson regained Marconi the 2 goal cushion in the 68th minute and Royce Brownlie rounded off a morale boosting Stallions Stampede with the 5th goal into injury time.

It was the perfect tonic for Marconi after suffering the indignity of a 5 goal hiding just five days earlier. The battle for a top 6 berth continues in ernest next Sunday with another derby clash, this time against the high flying Sydney Olympic at Belmore Sports Ground.