Cosmos v Kingz

Round 12 report by Chris Kunz
Canberra Cosmos v Football Kingz

Much was made in the local press of New Zealand born Brad Scott coming back into the Cosmos lineup to face 'his countrymen'. But like Bonnie Prince Charlie's return, it was a disappointment.

The Kingz men visited the Highlands of Canberra and laid waste to their opponents, much alike Culloden.

This was no real battle. The Kingz were organised and professional - the local clans, minus the injured Uruguayan Cortes and captain Hooker, never looked capable of mounting any significant response, once Ibrahim had been played through a sleeping rearguard in the 33rd min.

Phillips, normally so influential in the Cosmos midfield was so out of touch that his near-balding haircut must have sapped his strength and vision. Castro showed some fire and hope with a great run in the 55th min - but it was all in vain.

Even by then the Cosmos players may as well have fallen on their swords, such was the predictability of the 'confrontation' that was played out before us.

It was a pretty tame spread mostly, so much so that at times I found my gaze searching the fields of seats below for a Flora McDonald or two.

That affable Scot Sermanni, must have been furious as his motley army's disintegrated before him. Vicelich rounded a punch-drunk defence to finish nicely under Konstantinou after 74 min - and there was to be no Cosmos reincarnation (apart from that of the ghost of seasons past).

Eaddy mopped up what disjointed thrusts came his way, while Douglas must have felt a touch of deja vu - the Kingz defensive line stood and held much like Carlton's.

I fear we shall be banished to small enclaves in these Highlands, to practise our religion amid national indifference....

... Sail bonny boat, like a bird on a wing,
oover the sea (on Sky),
Carry the lad - 'twas born to be Kingz,
on foreign field to cry...