Power v Cosmos

Round 5 report by Peter Kunz
Parramatta Power v Canberra Cosmos

For Canberra supporters to Parramatta the result was a bit of deja vu - we won the corresponding fixture 3-2 last season.

I was disappointed in the Parramatta crowd. The official announcement was circa 3,200 but there would have been no more than 1200 there last night. *

The small band of Canberra fans (about 20) dominated any chanting and there was that awful canned Parra chant which came through the loudspeakers.

Having said that we have enjoyed our trips to Parramatta - the club next to the ground a la Marconi is the ideal set up for a pre-game meal, and the view of the pitch from the stands just right.

Noticed Parra gear for sale in the club shop, but inside the club pre match there was no bustle of supporters indication a match was on, no sense of occasion.

So how is the Power doing in the community? Can a supporterv fill me in on how they are coping with getting support. I would like them to catch on but at the moment there is a bit of a Carltonesque feel about the Power. Potentially excellent team, an excellent club infrastructure, but not much passionate support.

Don't think I'm being too critical, as I know Canberra are also struggling to get good crowds, but then again we don't represent a city of 3.5 million.

Off the field so many clubs are underperforming, that if we were to select next season's candidates for inclusion in the NSL, then Perth it would be the only one to meet al the criteria.

As for Parras comment about the ref, I can't comment except to say that Canberra won because they have at present a "never say die" attitude. Any other excuses by Parra for defeat are baseless.