Power v Cosmos

Round 5 report by Anton Dobrowski
Parramatta Power v Canberra Cosmos

Y`know when I took my seat at ParraStadium I could have sworn that was Austria playing Power.. not Canberra as they certainly are as unpredictable as this Euro national side in that one week they look like a cruise and the next they will take on a bigger fish and smack it one... (watch out rest of NSL.. underestimate them at your own risk!!) 2-2 would have been sweet and deserved but in the end a pathetic ref allowed a last second goal to stand after the goalkeeper was infringed upon as he went up for an easy catch.. the match officials were quite poor apart from the linesman on the western terrace.. the referee Rudd or whatever is a concern for the NSL and I dont want to see that dorp again at ParraStadium..

I`ve seen this happen before and its part of the pain but we will take it on the chin and get on with it.. Canberra take a bow.. you just refused to lie down and were a constant thorn in our sides.. In the end you showed what alot of heart against the odds can do and how foolish it is for a solid team to underestimate you..

Now next week your gonna lose 3-0 right ?? hey hey hey.. kiddin kiddies..