Imagine how informed YOU could be if you read these!

Issue 1 - Not dated (At this point we weren't convinced they'd be an issue 2...)

Collector's Item!
For something that didn't have even have staples it certainly pricked a few egos.
Some critics (yep, we had 'em already!) accused us of being whingers but these people were usually the ones we had in our sights.

Issue 2 - February/March 1995
The Tradition continues
And having taken the plunge SU realised that the game was in far worse shape than originally thought. Justice Stewart had just handed in his report and now it was time for the Senate to get involved.
Lots of threats, lots of accusations, lots of posturing.
Just another day in Aussie soccer, really.

Issue 3 - April/May 1995
NO baggage, NO favours
Death threats at the Senate Inquiry! Yep, things were warming up.
April Fools Day saw the election of David Hill and the promise of a Soccer Summit.
But at $125 a head, how many fans would get there? Um, not bloody many...

Issue 4 - June/July 1995
Things can only get better
This is the one we'd all been waiting for. SU hands down it's NINE PAGE National Soccer Summit Report and there are a few surprises in store.
If you wanted to know where soccer was heading, THIS was the issue to read.
And if you're too stingy to cough up a few stamps (see Subscribe!) then at least visit the features page and read the summit report.
It will be the best twenty minutes you've spent this year.

Issue 5 - August/September 1995
Who said things could only get better?
And it's Anarchy in the NSL as Hill wields the axe.
And the clubs are off to the courts quicker than (insert appropriate analogy).
Yet when it comes to a vote, the clubs abstain!
Two years on, we're still trying to work that one out!

Issue 6 - October 1995
And we're still independent!
Neither Rupert nor Kerry had shown any interest at this point, but that wasn't going to deter us. Especially with SU in attendance at the A-League launch. Ever wanted to know what happened at these functions?
Here's your chance to cop a totally independent assessment!
And there's interviews with Paul Okon and Mick Lyons as well as the survey results

Issue 7 - November 1995
It's official! We're Kings of Oceania!
Providing we can get past Tahiti, of course. Australia moves one step closer to the Confederations Cup after downing the Kiwis in Newcastle.
Meanwhile, the ethnic debate flares again, beautifully fanned by certain mainstream journalists who can't wait to see a return to the pre-Hill days.

Issue 8 - December 1995
We're one year old and we're up and running
It looks like a 14 team competition next season, but the dumped clubs can resume their seats (for now) as Perth Glory announce themselves to the world.
Over the other side of the continent, South Melbourne were having to contend with a new home ground, a new coach and a new team.

Issue 9 - January 1996
NOT celebrating Oceania's 30th birthday!!
Maybe its the Olympic qualifiers but Oceania is becoming boring. What we need is some controversy, like an incorrect teamsheet or something!
The AFL clubs continue to show interest in the Ericsson Cup but their parent body is not amused. Plus an interview with Marshall Soper

Issue 10 - February 1996 (cover actually shows 1995)
And still Oz soccer's best kept secret
The SU round-up of the Oceania Olympic qualifiers reveals a mountain of work to be done. Plus interviews with Frank Farina, Mark Schwarzer & Ned Zelic.
And we look at the Johnnie Walker Cup - Is it on the rocks?

Issue 11 - March 1996 (cover actually shows 1995 again, doh!)
Still trying to keep the bastards honest!
Japan and Sweden's reserves come down under but the fans are interested in neither offering. Collingwood have been accepted into next season's Ericsson Cup but there ARE legitimate reasons for concern.
Joadja Creek, Alan Hunter, NSW Super League and sloads more.

Issue 12 - April 1996
Hands up who wants to play for Australia
Don't be shy now! You even get to visit some place called Antofagasta or something.
And, as expected, the Olympic play-offs have resulted in the Ericsson Cup finals plunging into farce. And SU takes a look at the changes to Law II and concludes, "Does anyone else really care?"

Issue 13 - May 1996 (once again the cover says 1995. This is getting silly!)
Are we really ready for cyberspace?
Er, no actually. We were too busy thinking about Zoran Matic being attracted to Collingwood and the continuing problems at Soccer House. And more teamsheet controversy in South Australia where a state league club manages to fill it out wrong TWICE! Meanwhile, the Knights go marching on...

Issue 14 - June 1996
Marth does it again - and Blakey can hardly believe it
Hail the Melbourne Knights! Back-to-back championships with a rebuilt team and a new coach. AND they did it in their home town. A memorable day. Well, for the Croatian community, anyway.
Things are looking VERY dicey for Canberra Cosmos however with meetings stretching long into the night. The debate re: venues for 2000 begins but of more immediate importance was the Olyroos demolition of Canada. Oh, and there is a piece on why Koreans may prefer exhibitionism.

Issue 15 - July 1996
We're not gonna let Tahiti get in the way of a trip to Riyadh, are we?
AND IN THE RED CORNER, looking to outlaw ethnic logos, flags, symbols etc is SocAus Chairman Mr David Hill (and a few mates)
AND IN THE REST OF THE RING, looking to bring in the government, the army and the human rights brigade is the ethnic based clubs (and a lot of mates)
"Here we go, here we go, here we go again" grumble the fans.
On the park we have the Superstars of Soccer - Travelling in the right direction?
Er, not likely George.

Issue 16 - August 1996
How many clubs does it take to make an A-League?
Well we suppose that depends on whether the teams need to be competitive.
As the ethnic issue simmers along, Mark Bosnich has his say and he ain't afraid to call a spade a spade.
SU looks at the 24 point masterplan David Hill delivered at the Summit back in 1995 (part 1), and good news for Queenslanders - Frank Farina WILL coach the Strikers

Issue 17 - September 1996
Ken ya believe it? Four goals in a friendly!
The AFL tries to flex a muscle or two over 'dual purpose' sporting clubs but most people realise they are on shallow ground. The Johnnie Walker Cup kicks off but nobody seems to care much.
Except Collingwood who suddenly find themselves in the semi finals. A Mick Lyons interview, and part 2 of the Hill masterplan analysis, just as we find out that the summit may have been nothing more than a propaganda exercise!!

Issue 18 - October 1996
Why are so many people shirty about the national marketing plan?
Ah, why indeed! In fact twelve months down the track the same question could probably be asked! The season launch unveiled a stack of new strips but have we seen any in the shops since then?
Collingwood win the (last?) Johnnie Walker Cup and then find themselves in the top half of the table. All in the space of a month.
But the big news is the departure of Eddie Thomson, and all the cat and mouse tactics that went with it.

Issue 19 - Nov/Dec 1996
We're two years old, and El Tel comes to the party!
Yep, it's true! The man best remembered for losing his two biggest matches on penalties will spearhead Australia's quest for France. Luckily Venables didn't witness the laboured effort in the second half against Tahiti. Meanwhile, South Melbourne are having another non-crisis just as Carlton are announcing themselves to the world.
Plus an excellent Tommy Sermanni interview done just before he buggered off to Japan. And we have just one word for Joe Simunic.

Issue 20 - January 1997
And a Happy New Year to all 'SU' fans
Terry Venables selects his first home-based squad, and SU figures we have the team to win the tournament... John Punshon looks at the origins of State of Origin soccer while Anthony Fensom is getting quite excited about Brisbane's chances of hosting the grand final. And SU tries to sum up 1996 and concludes it wasn't a year to remember.

Issue 21 - February 1997
Victoria used to be the laughing stock of Australian soccer. Nobody's laughing any more...
Especially with the imminent demise of Collingwood. Hill flies to Melbourne and points out their obligations, but their exit may just save one other Victorian club - for now. And then there is the extroadinary story of how one Victorian club ran an AGM.
Ah well, at least the home-based Socceroos done the business in the OWSS.

Issue 22 - March 1997
Howzat! Anyone else want to appeal against any SocAus decisions?
Are Sydney United fighting a lost cause? Or is it their fans doing the fighting? Seems everyone's up for a ruck at the moment with the Collingwood/UTSO saga dragging on and Canberra fighting public apathy and our young players fighting against the system. But Venables is still Mr 100% after the trip to Skopje.

Issue 23 - April 1997
Happy 20th Birthday NSL, but why no party?
The chance to highlight the league's 20th birthday goes begging, but the Socceroos make up for it with a party of their own in Budapest. On the home front, SU was getting pretty worried about the level of violence at NSL matches....

Issue 24 - May 1997
Brisbane wins, and a nation celebrates
The greatest day in Domestic Oz soccer history. But SU's concerns over stadium violence were vindicated with the extraordinary goings-on before, during and after the Preliminary final. Sad, but true.

Issue 25 - June/July 1997
Oceania: As challenging as a two-piece jigsaw
The Socceroos breeze through the Oceania qualifiers, but a lack of match practice looms as a possible threat to our chances of reaching France. Thrills and spills at the World Youth Cup where Australia beat the eventual champions yet fail to reach the business end of the tournament when they fall to Asian opposition (doh!)

Issue 26 - Aug/Sept 1997
Just when we thought we needed Einstein to work it all out!
The logo dispute drags on and on,but Studs Up is more interested in why FIFA have suddenly told the Asians they can play their second round WC qualifiers on a home and away basis. FIFA's response is not exactly what we were looking for.
In Victoria, Altona Magic 'threepeat' while the decision to host THAT game at the MCG has put a few noses out of joint. Speaking of which, SU is really starting to lose patience with ABSW....

Issue 27 - Oct/Nov 1997
Australians all let us rejoice, for we are off to France?
Yeah, well, not quite.
But SU fans were at least informed about our opponents before they trekked off to the MCG! And they could reminisce over a Rudi Gutendorf interview, and an Alan Garside story, and read about what some Sydney based club administrators think of the state of the game.

Issue 28 - Dec 1997/Jan 1998
The Black Issue
You know why....

Issue 29 - February/March 1998
3 games, 1 goal. Where's all the goalscorers gone?
Full report on the Optus World Series including why we're having so much trouble finding the back of the net again. PLUS the first part of the Atti Abonyi interview, why the supporters club walked out on South Melbourne, why Perth Glory can't win at home, Northern Spirit, and the chance to win a OWSS shirt!

Issue 30 - April/May 1998
Six weeks until non-qualification REALLY sinks in!
The Olyroos sweep away Brazil, the Harry Kewell saga, second part of the Atti Abonyi interview, the joy of amateur soccer and why did West Ham Utd cross the road?

Issue 31 - June 1998
Seven months later, reality hits home..
THE last word on the Ericsson Cup finals series - and the ensuing fallout. And there's more embarrassment when the Socceroos head off to Zagreb for a quick belting. On the bright side, Geoff Coy looks at how Northern Spirit may transform the thinking of established clubs, and much is revealed about one of our most important national team captains.
Oh, and Tony Labbozzetta makes a welcome return to 'Get the Book out!'

Issue 32 - July/August 1998
Seven months later, reality hits home
And we're so flustered by the rash of resignations at the governing body we even used the same sub-title for consecutive issues!
Didn't stop us from putting together another gem though, with George Kulscar and the Henderson Brothers (no, they're not a rock group) talking into the SU microphone while the SU crew try to make sense of the suggestion by the VSF to add a 2nd division to the national league. We look at the 'Palace takeover' at Northern Spirit and a St(r)ange decision in Perth. And there's a very tidy womens round-up as well as the usual scurrilous rumours (except the one about Monica Lewinsky's mum)

Issue 33 - September 1998

Oh my god! They've killed Australian soccer!!
Yep, the Kiwis came, saw and conquered. Leaving Oz soccer in a state a shock. Suddenly the prospect of January in Mexico had vanished and the upcoming friendly with the US took on a different dimension. Things weren't too good at the grass roots either, but the national league was kicking off and Sydney had a new team to support, with every expert tipping 'em to make the top six.
SU went the other way, preferring to preview which players were likely to cop the most cards. Step forward Mssrs Lozanovski, Poric, Buljubasic, Laybutt....

Issue 34 - October/November 1998

The Man Who Picked Off Australia.
I'ts ten years on, but the pain is still the same. In our first of a hopefully VERY occasional series, we send our intrepid reporter Michael "Wombat" Cronin and photographer Sarah Cole to the jungles of Fiji to track down the man who scored the goal that sunk Australias 1990 World Cup aspirations. There they caught up with RAVUAMA MADIGI and chatted about one of the "Great Upsets in Oceania Football"......Talk about strife in the states, We do...... More big interviews too!!!.

.Issue 35 - December 1998

"Merry X-mas Oceania."
Sepp gives our region a ho -ho - horrible December as we find our route to 2002 is via Cape Horn. With 2 places taken in the Asia group by the host countries, FIFA has decided they deserve a full 4 spots in the finals. So the Oceania winner goes to South America to try to qualify for the "holy grail". But was it FIFAs only option????.......Lou Sticca tells it like it REALLY is..........North Sydney Oval suffers from schizophrenia......and the regular departments of course!!!!!!

Issue 36 - January 1999

4th Birthday Bumper Edition
Jamie McMasters
is off to Leeds at the ripe old age of 16.He has decided to renounce his Aussie citizenship and opted to play for England. Bets are he won't be the last to knock back a Socceroo strip for a possible million dollar career. Sub-editor Harry Georgiadis investigates the interest in our young players by the overseas professional clubs........With a World Cup every 2 years(?) we'll have no hope of qualifying at this rate!!!!!..........PLUS an 8 page exclusive lift-out "Interview with a Formeroo" from Greg Stock

Issue 37 - February 1999

"Is Bright Roy the Right Boy?????"
The Senior coaching position is up for grabs again, but finding someone to do it for free is proving difficult. Roy Hodgsonwas in Oz for the 4th World Congress of Science and Football which sent the journos into overdrive........... The World Cup roundabout turns again and it looks like we've stopped in Sth America, but will it turn again???? Harry G weighs up our chances of a 4 page guide to the Victorian Premier League clubs for 1999.

Issue 38 - March 1999

Soccer Australia have a Cunning Plan...........
Four years after the National Soccer Summit in Melbourne, SocAus has finally cobbled together their "Strategic plan to take Australia into the 21st century." It's been a long wait but will it be worth it in the end???..........Kasey Puyenbroek and Chris Kunz give us two completely different views of the fanatical support of our game. Hopefully Chris has the direction right...................PLUS a 12 page Lift-out guide to our past WYC achievements.

Issue 39 - April 1999

Name Australia's most important coach
Raul Blanco or the team bus? Certainly not Les Scheinflug if the critics of Oz's WYC campagin are any indication. Plus SU looks at some of the dodgiest club songs in NSL histor, the latest round of coaches axings in Victoria and a glimpse into a tabloid editor's office!

Issue 40 - May/June 1999

It was twenty (five) years ago today
Rale Rasic took the boys to play

SU goes all retro and remembers the deeds of the original Socceroos. Well, nobody else bothered to... Plus Bah(rain) humbug - where Arab exams throw Oz plans into turmoil. And the Matildas are off the World Cup!

Issue 41 - July 1999

Who wouldn't rather be shagging Posh Spice?
Er, exactly. Man U come to town and play the Olyroos while the Kiwis debate the merits of the Auckland Kings (or is that Kingz?)
And reform is imminent in Victoria - pity it's restricted to the playing structure.

Issue 42 - August/September 1999

The off-season we had to have
SU is starting to get worried. Frank Farina is appointed coach but even he seems to be getting his wires crossed with SocAus HQ, with Brazil sending the wrong signals and the Socceroos on a different bandwidth anyway!
Oh, and things aren't much better at state level either if Victoria is anything to go by... Meanwhile South Melbourne prepare for Fiji by making their ground unavailable for the final of the pre-season cup competition.