We've gotta give credit where its due...

It's not easy putting out a fanzine, ask anyone who's tried! So it only seems right that we give a bit of credit to everyone who has helped out over the past three and a half years.
If ya name isn't here and ya reckon it should be, or it is here and you reckon it shouldn't be, feel free to e-mail us at
Studs Up - The Australian Fans' Perspective

So, in no particular order then.....

Greg Baxter, Anthony Fensom, Tony Moran, Ewen Anderson, Cameron Atfield, Craig Silva, David Brown, Paul Harley, Stevo.

New South Wales
Greg Stock, Matthew Hall, Thomas (The Tank Engine) Esamie, Peter Bayliss, Graham Parsons, Stephen Predny, Heath Avery, Frank Savaglio, Henry Wizgier, Micky Brock, Phil Crouch, Tom Bromley, Maurice Hawling, Stuart Jones, Roger Sleeman, Graham Creed, Geoff Coy, Peter Smith, Fred Legget, The Wolfman, Green Rover.

Nick Guoth, Peter Kunz, Chris Kunz, Anthony Ferguson.

Kevin (Editor) Christopher, Harry (Assistant Editor) Georgiadis,
Garry McPhee (Chief Cook & Bottlewasher), Anne (Saviour) Davies,
Jake (no Bulls**t) Davies, Michael (Wombat) Cronin,
Damian Smith, Leon Keramaris, Con Giannitsos, Peter Kartsidimas,
Peter Athanasiadis, George Athanasiadis, John Punshon, Bhupinder Rai,
Julieanne Dawson, Dr Philip Mosely, David Bullock, Sean Brown,
Glenn Williams, Peter Sannino, Arfur Derian, Paul Gearing, Peter Nahal,
Roy (the youth guru) Hay, John Barbagiannis, Con Dikeos, Duncan McKenzie, John Totikidis,
Tonci Prusac, Greg Blake, Michael Edgley, Bill Murray,
Carringbush SC, and Phil Christopher (for the black issue!)

South Oz
Lou Maratos, Andrew Howe, Lance Librandi, Kasey Puyenbroek.

West Oz
Searlais Mullin, John Kellett, Michael Mullin.

Andre Kruger, Bruce Holloway, Paul Moon, Paul Gellard
Derek Walker, Chris Limnios, Graham McGinty.