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An Interview with the Gun for Hire

John Markovski is a player widely believed to have not managed to fulfil his enormous potential. While many of his fellow 1992 Olympians are living the life of a european-based professional Jonesy was recently out of sorts and out of favour at the Melbourne Knights. He moved to Canberra and in his 1st game for them helped the Cosmos to their second win of the season against the Perth Glory. After the game Nick Guoth had the chance to ask a few questions.

Interview: Saturday Feb 22, 1997

NG: The move from Melbourne to resurrect your career, do you think this is the way to go? JM: I'm happy that I'm playing and Canberra has given me the chance to be playing in the Ericsson Cup. The boys have welcomed me well and also the staff here in Canberra are good. It's just been brilliant and what a way to start off with a victory, and not only a victory, but a thrashing.

NG: Do you think your experience will help with one of the main problems with Canberra in the past and help the younger players to put the ball away and score more goals? JM: When obviously you've got young lads as we do here, that's the future of Australian football. When you have the experienced players like myself, Wadey and Normie and get them involved I think it's good for the young boys. When they look up to those who have played for 13 or 14 years it's good to let them know whats going on and how it is in the big time.

NG: You've felt the atmosphere at other clubs. What do you think of the support here? JM: It was good. The crowd was behind us. It helped us that 5-10% to go out there and get that extra goal.

NG: You're fitness has been questioned. How is it going in getting back to tip-top shape? JM: I haven't played a match for eight weeks and I'm lacking a bit of match practice. I've been training with my personal trainer but just running wise. I'm just happy that after a week or two if I get a couple of games under my belt I should be okay.

NG: How did you feel out there? Did it all come back to you or did it feel a little bit strange for a while? JM: Not really strange. I was just happy to be out there and involved. The lads and the club have welcomed me very well and things have worked out really well. When I got out there the supporters not only treated myself well but also the team and that really helps. It was really good.

NG: A lot has been said about the team spirit. How does it compare with the other clubs you have been to? JM: The team spirit is really good here, especially when you're on the bottom of the ladder. The boys are all together. Obviously you go out there to do a job. When things don't work out obviously they're disappointed. They still stick together and they're still good mates. When I was at Melbourne Knights, it was a different situation. We actually won the championship. Obviously you are going to be happy when you're winning games and the league.

NG: Do you feel there is a chance the team can pull themselves off the bottom of the table? JM: There's another 7 games to go. Well, next week - we're undefeated for two games in a row. Obviously we are going to look to get as high as we can. This win is for the better of the club and to get us on a roll and when you do win you get more confident when you go out the week after. Hopefully that break doesn't break the delight that we've got here at the club and hopefully we can carry on.

NG: Your plans for the future? JM: My plans are to stay here for the remainder of the season and if things work out well you never know what could happen. I'll take it week by week. So far it's been smashing.

NG: Do you have any thoughts of playing in the local league? JM: I'm not too sure about the local league. I'll probably take a break to get myself organized for next season and if it is with Canberra or whoever it is I think I'll just make sure I'm fit for when the season does start.