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During the course of his research into ACT soccer referee, statistician and journalist Nick Guoth found the minutes of a very important meeting.



PRESENT: Sir Arthur George, President (Chairman) Alderman I. Brusasco, Mr. J. Connell, Mr. T. Grimson, and Mr. A. Kovac, (Executive Members). Mr. B. Le Fevre (General Secretary)

OPENING OF MEETING: The President referred to the Resolution passed at the Executive Committee Meeting held on the 19th ultimo, and which provided the purpose of this meeting. The Resolution read:

"Resolved that the Australian Soccer Federation National League Sub-Committee meet to discuss with interested states or groups, their submissions related to the formation of a National League and report back to the Executive its recommendations of the conditions required to establish a National League. However, this shall not be deemed to be an approval or disapproval of the principle of the establishment of a National League."

Pursuant to the above resolution the Sub-Committee has recorded herewith its opinions and recommendations for consideration by the Executive Committee as to what conditions should be imposed, if and when the Australian Soccer Federation decide to approve a National League Competition.

ITEM 1: Structure of National League

(a) The National League Competition shall be operated by a separate organisation affiliated to or approved by the Australian Soccer Federation.

(b) The National League organisation shall have a Memorandurn and Articles of Association approved by the Federation which shall not thereafter be altered without the consent of the Federation.

(c) The National League organisation shall be bound by agreement to adhere to terms and conditions laid down by the Federation, which are the subject of discussions and enquiry by this Sub-Committee.

Any breach of these terms and conditions shall rescind the right of the National League to operate. The agreement shall include a protective clause to provide for notice to remedy a breach before final rescission is made.

ITEM 2: National League Sub-Committee

A National League Sub-Committee of the Australian Soccer Federation shall be established and consist of three (3) representatives of the National League and three (3) representatives of the Federation, one of whom shall be the President, who shall have a deliberate vote but not a casting vote.

ITEM 3: Teams In League and Names Thereof

All clubs participating in the National League and the names thereof, shall be approved by the Australlan Soccer Federation prior to them taking part in National League Competitions.

Ethnic or Nationalistic names shall not be allowed.

ITEM 4: Season Programme - National Team Players

The National League season programme shall be arranged in a manner approved by the Australian Soccer Federation. It shall provide for International and touring club team matches as arranged by the Federation.

Players selected by the Federation to represent the Federation in matches against National or touring club teams, shall be made available to the Federation for the matches and for reasonable preparation periods in relation to such matches.

The season programme shall be fixed as far as possible with a view to such a programme of matches not being unduly interfered with, in order to carry out a viable competition. However, adequate arrangement shall be made to provide for Australia's participation in World Cup matches.

ITEM 5: Finance and Conditions

The Federation will require evidence that adequate financial and/or other arrangements have been made to ensure that there is a strengthening of the potentially weaker components, to ensure a viable competition.

It is considered that two (2) teams based in Brisbane and Adelaide respectively are necessary to provide continuity of spectator interest, with an even number of teams provided by Melbourne and Sydney.

ITEM 6: Gate Receipts

In the initial 5 years of operation of National League Competitions the Australian Soccer Federation does not envisage any levy being placed on gate receipts.

The Federation does, however, reserve the right to impose a levy (not greater then 2% of the gross gate taking after the deduction of ground hire and staffing expenses to a maximum of 20% of the gross) thereafter if the financial success of the Competitions justifies such a levy.

ITEM 7: Use of Fixtures - Soccer Pools

(a) Results of National League Fixtures The results of matches played in any National League Competitions, shall be made available through the Australian Soccer Federation to the Pool Promoters Association and Australian Soccer Pools Pty. Ltd., and any other Pools companies as required by the Federation.

(b) Reuters Fee The National Leayue shall be paid a fixture results fee similar to that currently being paid to State Soccer Federations by Reuters Limited.

(c) Approach to Pool Companies The National League shall not make any direct or inelirect approach or terminate any agreements with Pool Companies or Associations of Pool Companies. The Australian Soccer Federation has the sole right in all matters relative to Soccer Pools.

(d) Pools Receipts All Royalties received from Pools Companies and Associations shall be payable to the Australian Soccer Federation. On decision of the Council at a General Meeting certain distributions may be made.

The Australian Soccer Federation shall have no legal responsibility to make any payments to the National League for use of its fixtures, other than the Fixture Results Fee.

ITEM 8: Tours to and From Australia

The National League and/or its member Clubs shall not arrange tours or play matches against touring teams in Australia without consent of the Australian Soccer Federation. Further- more, the National League and/or its member clubs shall not arrange tours to countries outside Australia without first having obtained the consent of the Federation.

ITEM 9: Transfer System

All matters concerning the transfer of players registered with National League clubs shall be controlled by the Australian Soccer Federation. Players registered with clubs outside the National League shall be under the jurisdiction of the State Soccer Federation to which his club is affiliated.

ITEM l0: Appeals and Disciplinary

The Australian Soccer Federation implement an Appeals and Disciplinary Committee which shall have power to delegate responsibilities where thought applicable. The format of the Committee shall be decided at the appropriate time as will be the degree of delegation.

ITEM 11: Referees

Referees to be affiliated through existing State bodies. Interstate travelling of referees recommended subject, however, to consideration of costs involved.

ITEM 12: Promotion and Relegation

There should be no promotion and relegation for the first three ( 3) years following the inception of the Competition.

Thereafter, promotion and relegation should take place in such a manner as to maintain a similar numeric regional representation as applies at the time of the commencement of the National League.

ITEM 13: Western Australia Matches

Initially it is envisaged the representatives team from the Soccer Federation of W.A. would not be participating in the National League Competition, although this is felt ultimately desirable.

The National League shall agree, subject to suitable financial arrangements being made, to the winner of the National League Competition playing a home and away match with a nominated team from Western Australia.

ITEM 14: Grounds

When State Federations consider this report they are requested to give careful consideration to use of grounds on which National League matches are to be played

ITEM 15: Preliminary Report

This report will first be immediately circulated to Sub-Committee members, Executive Members and to State Federations.

It was decided that members of the Sub-Committee, together with the Secretary, would make themselves available for discussions with State Federations and any Sub-Committees appointed by States to discuss National League. Such discussions to be completed within a period of three weeks following receipt of this report. Details are as follows:

Victoria - Mr. J. Connell - Mr. T. Grimson
N.S. Wales - Ald. I. Brusasco - Sir Arthur - Mr. A. Kovac
Queensland - Mr. J. Connell - Sir Arthur
South Aust. - Ald. I. Brusasco - Mr. A. Kovac

ITEM 16: Summary

Following consideration of this report by the Executive Committee and State Federations and subject to any amendments thereto and final approval by the Australian Soccer Federation, the above conditions will be embodied in a binding legal agreement between the National League organisation and the Australian Soccer Federation.

B. Le Fevre,

General Secretary.