1996/7 VSF Youth League Results - Northern Division

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Victoria Health Youth League
Northern Division Round One
Played Wednesday 6th November 1996
Diamond Valley United
Match Postponed
P - P Queens Park
Match Postponed
Fawkner Blues 6 - 3 Preston Lions
Match Postponed
P - P Thomastown Zebras
Match Postponed
Northern Division Round One
Played Saturday November 9 1996
NESL Strikers
Blase Roccisano, Erkan Ustendag, Troy Kennedy
3 - 1 Essendon Brunswick
Goal : Unknown
Heidelberg United
Goal : Nick Papoutsis
1 - 2 Albury-Wodonga
Goals : Jason Whitton, Paul Palhares
Northern Division Round Four
Thomastown Zebras 4 - 3 Essendon
Banyule 3 - 6 Heidelberg United
Mord Sparrows 0 - 7 Fawkner Blues
Northern Division Round Five
Fawkner Blues 2 - 1 Essendon Brunswick
Heidelburg United 3 - 0 Mordialloc Sparrows
Goal : Papoulidis
1 - 1 Banyule City
Goal : Own Goal
Northern Division Round Seven
Heidelberg United 1 - 3 Fawkner
Goals : Seradakis, Tankir
2 - 4 Essendon Brunswick
Goals : Scerri (x2), Turkosic, Spano
Preston 2 - 3 Banyule City
Goal : Own Goal
Goals : O'Grady (x3), Nemeth, Davey
14 - 1 Mordialloc Sparrows
Goal : Bhujohany