1961 Victorian State League Cup Results

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Written by John Punshon

Sources: The Age, The Sporting Globe, The Sun.

If you can provide additional information or assist with corrections, please contact John Punshon.

Note: The State League Cup was a post-season knock-out competition involving the top four teams.

Home Team v Away Team
Saturday, September 30, 1961. Olympic Park, Melbourne. Referee: Roger Lamb.
Line-up included: John Alexander, Terry Hartley (sent off).
0 - 3 George Cross
Line-up included: Fred Falzon, Vince Muscat (sent off), Paul Zammit (sent off), Don Hodgson, Bill Copeland, Horst Zielinski.
Goals: Hodgson, Copeland, Zielinski
Saturday, October 14, 1961. Olympic Park, Melbourne. Referee: Emil Hecht.
Line-up included: Rudi Van Altena, Peter Erasmus, Dick Van Alphen, Mike De Bruyckere, Tony Noy, Frank Stoffels, Dick Stobbe, Jan Bons.
Goals: Erasmus, De Bruyckere
2 - 1 Polonia
Line-up included: Henry Gronowski, Wujo Maruszkiewicz, Jackie Dudon, Robert Gronowksi, Ziggy Gross, Mike Jurecki, Roch Dronia.
Goal: Jurecki
Saturday, October 21, 1961. Olympic Park No. 2, Melbourne. Referee: Geoff Harrison.
George Cross
Norm Hobson, Eddie Sacco, Paul Nelson, Pat McKenna, Bozo Basic, Tony Vella, Lolly Vella, Joe Falzon, Don Hodgson, Horst Zielinski, Bill Copeland.
Goal: L Vella
1 - 3 Wilhelmina
Rudi Van Altena, Dick Stobbe, Cor Mathyssen, Hans Petersen, Dick Van Alphen, Hub Vluegels, Peter Erasmus, Tony Noy, Frank Stoffels, Henni Van der Linde, Bons.
Goals: Noy, Bons, Stoffels

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