1958 Victorian State League Cup Results

written by John Punshon
The Age, The Sun

Dubbed the State League Championship Series, this knock-out competition between the top four teams was played amidst
opposition from many clubs and supporters. Despite its name it was not used to decide the Championship.

Home Team v Away Team
Sunday, September 21, 1958. Olympic Park, Melbourne.
Goals: Keuken x 3, Rein Yntema x 2, Arie Luyten, Petersen, Mike De Bruyckere
8 - 2 Hakoah
Goals: Ferenc Bors, Hubert Maier
Sunday, September 28, 1958. Olympic Park, Melbourne.
Goals: Plateo, Igor Scalamera, Frank Barbazza
3 - 2 Moreland
Goals: Frank Loughran, Don Hodgson
Saturday, October 4, 1958. Olympic Park, Melbourne. Referee: Geoff Harrison.
Goals: Enzo Bottari 80pk, Frank Barbazza 118
After extra time
2 - 2 Wilhelmina
Goals: Keuken 15, 110
After extra time
Final Replay
Sunday, October 26, 1958. Olympic Park, Melbourne.
Goals: Plateo 40, Igor Scalamera 62
2 - 1 Wilhelmina
Goal: Leenheers 52