1944 Dockerty Cup Results
Researched by John Punshon, written by Tony Persoglia

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Sources: The Age, The Argus, The Record, The Sun, 25 years of soccer with the Brighton Soccer Football Club.

Round One

Saturday June 24 1944
Hurlingham Park, Brighton East
Referee: C Rodger
Line-up included: Sierakowski, Bingham, Maver
Goals: Sierakowski x 2, Bingham, Maver
4 - 2 RAAF (Ascot Vale)
Line-up included: McLeish, Jones
Goals: McLeish, Jones

Saturday June 24 1944
Campbell Reserve, Coburg
Referee: T Anderson
After extra time
Line-up included: Wallace, Frank McIver
Goals: Wallace x 3, McIver
4 - 6 Prahran A
Line-up included: Stewart, Lowe, Turnbull, Scrafton, McDougall
Goals: Stewart x 2, Lowe, Turnbull, Scrafton, McDougall

Saturday June 24 1944
Como Park, South Yarra
Referee: C Armstrong
Prahran B
Line-up included: Hamilton, H Taylor, Elliott, Bradd
Goals: Hamilton x 5, Taylor x 2, Elliott x 2, Bradd
10 - 1 South Yarra
Line-up included: Honey
Goal: Honey

Saturday June 24 1944
Middle Park
Referee: A Dreyfus
After extra time
South Melbourne United
Line-up included: Marshall
Goal: Marshall
1 - 2 RAAF (Laverton)
Line-up included: Spetch
Goals: Spetch x 2

Saturday August 19 1944
Olympic Park, Melbourne
Referee: C Rodger
N McCarthy, Norm Good, W Whittaker, F Stewart, Don J Bingham, Nichols, Young, McOrist, Harry Pritchard, T Sharp, Bill Maver, W McMurray, L Sierakowski, Parsons
14 names listed
Goals: Maver x 2, Sierakowski x 2, McMurray, Bingham
6 - 1 Prahran B
Stevens, Yorstone, Rudd, Blundell, Hamilton, Condon, Kyle, Picken, H Taylor, Elliott, Bradd, Gray, Cummings
13 names listed
Goal: Rudd pk

Saturday August 26 1944
Olympic Park, Melbourne
Referee: A Dreyfus
Prahran A
Line-up included: Drennan, Stewart, R Taylor, McDougall
Goals: R Taylor, McDougall
2 - 6 RAAF (Laverton)
Line-up included: Power, Thomas, Gray, Morton, Laing, Ingersoll
Goals: Morton x 3, Laing x 2, Ingersoll

Saturday September 1 1944
Toorak Park, Armadale
Referee: C Armstrong
N McCarthy, Norm Good, W Whittaker, F Stewart, Don Bingham, J Young, Harry Pritchard, W McMurray, T Sharp, Bill Maver, L Sierakowski
Goals: Pritchard x 3
3 - 0 RAAF (Laverton)
Power, Brown, Gray, Thomas, Storey, Greig, Laing, Hennessey, Ashforth, Morton, Ingersoll, Condon
12 names listed

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