1909 Victorian 'Dockerty' Challenge Cup Results

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Written by Tony Persoglia

Sources: Trove, The Age, The Argus, The Herald, The Williamstown Chronicle.

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Home Team v Away Team
Round One
Saturday, July 24, 1909. Gardens Reserve, Williamstown. Referee: Palmer.
Lineup included: Pullen, H Elliott, S Thomas, French, Nicol and Edwards.
Goals: Elliott, Atkinson
2-5St Kilda
Selection from: Fletcher (gk), Cartwright, Dolan, H Greaves, Smith, Greysmith, Hodgkinson, Storer. Cullis, Collins, Barter. D J Evans, H Dockerty and Shapcott.
Lineup included: Fletcher (gk), D J Evans, H Dockerty, Hutton, Brown and H Greaves.
Goals: Brown x2, Greysmith, Greaves, Hutton
Match reports: The Age, The Argus, The Williamstown Chronicle
Saturday, July 24, 1909. Middle Park. Referee: Rev E Masters.
Carlton United
Selection from: J R Menzies (c), J Baird (gk), W Cumming, J Cumming, Young, C Hall, P Spence, A Matthews, David McMillan, Ferrier, Murphy, Williamson, Wardrop, Black and Paterson.
Lineup included: J Baird (gk), J R Menzies, David McMillan, Matthews, Young and C Hall.
Goals: Matthews, other scores not known
4-0Melbourne United
Selection from: J Ellison (c), B Fraser (gk), E Forbes, Aikman, W Manderson, Johnson, Acton, Davies, B Beath, Ferguson, Hucker, Scott, Hunter nnd Gottsche.
Lineup included: B Fraser (gk), H Forbes, J Ellison (c), W Manderson and B Beath.
Match report: The Herald
Saturday, July 31, 1909. Middle Park.
Carlton United
Selection from: J R Menzies (c), J Baird (gk), Spence, W Cumming, J Cumming, A Matthews, C Hall, Young, Murphy, Wardrop, Mathieson, Paterson and Williamson.
Lineup included: J Baird (gk), David McMillan, J Cumming, C Hall, W Cumming, A Matthews, Young, J R Menzies and Ferrier.
Goals: Hall x3, Young x2, J Cumming, Menzies, Ferrier
Selection from: J Kerr (c), Price, W Jackson. Hurd, Harvey, Michael, Masters, Whiston, Kemp (2), Kaufman and Johnson.
Lineup included: F Kemp (gk), Kerr (c), Elms, Harvey, Hurd and Rice.
Match report: The Herald
Saturday, July 31, 1909. Middle Park.
Lineup included: A Bowie, A Appleby, F Bird, A Jennison and J Ladkin.
Goals: Bowie pk, Appleby
2-8St Kilda
Selection from: D J Evans, H Dockerty, Hutton, Brown, H Greaves, Greysmith. Collins, Baxter, Storer, Dolan, Hodgkinson and Cartwright.
Lineup included: Fletcher (gk), Hutton, Hodgkinson, Brown, H Greaves and Collins.
Goals: Hutton x3 (1pk), Brown x2, Hodgkinson, Greaves, Collins
Match reports: The Argus, The Herald
Saturday, August 14, 1909. East Melbourne Cricket Ground. Referee: Palmer.
Carlton United
J Baird (gk), J R Menzies, W Cumming, P Spence, David McMillan, J Cumming, A Matthews, C Hall, Halley, Ferrier, Wardrop.
Goals: J Cumming x2
2-1St Kilda
Fletcher, Dolan, Cartwright, H Dockerty, D J Evans, Greysmith, J Vass, Hodgkinson, Brown, Hutton, H Greaves.
Goal: Brown
Match reports: The Age, The Herald

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