Tasamania State Representative Games 1938
1938 Tasmanian State Representative Matches

Written by Greg Stock

Tasmania travelled to Adelaide to compete in a three team round robin tournament against Boulder City from Western Australia and the South Australian representative team. The first game was played midweek against Boulder City.
Played: Wednesday August 24 1938 Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, South Australia
Boulder City (Western Australia)
Barnes, Duddy (Lineup Incomplete)
Goals: Barnes, Duddy, (Other goalscorer not known)
3 - 2 Tasmania
Turnbull, Cooper, R.Wilson, Stennard, A.Lavelle, Jones, C.Cleaver (J.Davidson), G.Wilson, Collins, Gallagher
Goals: G.Wilson, Collins

The second game of the tournament was against the home side South Australia.
Played: Sunday August 28 1938 Venue: Adelaide, South Australia
South Australia
Roper, Everett, Thompson, Evans, Moore, White (Lineup Incomplete)
Goals: Thompson (x2), White
3 - 1 Tasmania
Turnbull, R.Wilson, Cooper, Stennard, A.Lavelle, Gould, G.Wilson, Collins, Inman, E.Every, Gallagher
Goal: Collins pen

The third and final game was against South Australia.
Played: Tuesday August 30 1938 Venue: Adelaide, South Australia
South Australia
Schroeder, Walker (c), Castleton, Robertson, V.Sharp, Evans, B.Ewers, Chaplin, Topperwien, Hardinger, Errington
Goals: Bowers (x3), Hardinger, Topperwien
5 - 3 Tasmania
W.Butwell, R.Wilson, Cooper, Stennard, A.Lavelle, Gould (c), G.Wilson, J.Davidson, Collins, C.Cleaver, Gallagher
Goals: Collins (x2), Gallagher