Tasamania State Representative Games 1928
1928 Tasmanian State Representative Matches

Written by Greg Stock

Match against South Australia - after the game representatives of both teams agreed to keep the visitors in Hobart for the week with a replay scheduled for the following Saturday.
Played: Saturday July 7 1928 Venue: South Hobart Oval, Hobart, Tasmania
J.Geer, J.Gourlay, Bill Faulkner (c), H.Collins, W.Williams, R.Foster, J.Dixon, T.Gayton, Harry Cooper, H.Josephs, A.Gould
Goals: Faulkner pen
1 - 1 South Australia
E.Noden, R.Noden, Alec Jarvis, C.Hercock, R.Watson (c), R.Bruce, G.Watson, R.Mackay, J.H.Roe, J.Ellis, R.MacKiggan
Goal: Roe
Referee: E.Hawkins
Attendance: 1,500

A replay of last Saturdays match resulted in a win for Tasmania.
Played: Saturday July 14 1928 Venue: South Hobart, Hobart, Tasmania
J.Geer, J.Gourley, Bill Faulkner, Fry, W.Williams, R.Foster, T.Gayton, H.Collins, Brooke, H.Josephs, A.Gould
Goals: Gayton, Collins, Brooke
3 - 1 South Australia
E.Noden, W.Burlinson, Alec Jarvis, C.Hercock, R.Watson (c), J.Bruce, G.Watson, P.Norman, J.H.Roe, R.Mackay, J.Ellis
Goal: Roe
Referee: E.Hawkins
Linesmen: H.Hird & R.Armstrong
Attendance: 1,100

British Association Trophy final - Tasmania qualified by beating South Australia.
Played: Saturday September 15 1928 Venue: Motordrome, Melbourne, Victoria
Bingham, Woolmer, J.Willis (c), O'Connor, H.Baker, Lindsay, J.Baker, Johnstone, Lewis, Thorpe, Soutar
Goals: Lewis 27' 76' Johnstone 58'
3 - 1 Tasmania
J.Geer, J.Gourlay, Crotty, Absalom, Williams, T.Gayton, H.Collins, Brooke, H.Josephs, A.Gould
Goal: Josephs
Referee: W.Palmer