Tasmania Representative Games 1924
1924 Tasmanian Representative Matches

Written by Greg Stock from research by Paul Hunt and Keith Roberts

The Special Services Squadron composed of English warships visited Tasmania as part of its goodwill tour of Australia. Their soccer team played a match against the Northern Tasmanian British Football Association representative XI. The Squadron team comprised of sailors from HMS Hood, HMS Delhi and HMS Repulse.
Played: Saturday March 29 1924 Venue: York Park, Launceston, Tasmania
Northern Tasmania
Thurlow, Bremner, Ron Tuting, Goldie, R.Finlay, Sturgeon, Foster, Gladstone, Don Finlay, Anderson, McNainen
Goals: D.Finlay (x2), Gladstone
3 - 4 Special Services Squadron (England)
Parsons, Cope, Burke, Andrews, Benson (c), Sellen, Glen, Mills, Roberts, Cox, Harrison
Goals: Roberts (x2), Cox, Andrews
Referee: F.Willis

The Special Services Squadron also played a match against a representative team from the South of Tasmania. Information on this match is scant.
Played: Tuesday April 1 1924 Venue: South Hobart Oval, Hobart, Tasmania
Southern Tasmania
(Lineup Not Known)
0 - 3 Special Services Squadron (England)
(Lineup Not Known)
Goals: (Goalscorers Not Known)

North v South of Tasmania representative fixture for the Justice Ewing Cup.
Played: Saturday June 21 1924 Venue: South Hobart Oval, Tasmania
Southern Tasmania
Cracknell, William Faulkner (c), Joe Honeysett, F.Cliffe, L.Norman, Holton, Hunt, Crotty, Vout, H.White, Les Honeysett
Goals: Vout (x2), White (x2), L.Honeysett (x2), Norman, Crotty
8 - 1 Northern Tasmania
Henty, Bell, Perry (c), Anderson, Goldie, Vic Tuting, Foster, Rushton, Graham, Vincent, McArthur
Goal: Goldie

The return North v South of Tasmania representative fixture for the Justice Ewing Cup.
Played: Saturday August 2 1924 Venue: Launceston Cricket Ground, Launceston, Tasmania
Northern Tasmania
Neville, R.Findlay, Vic Tuting, Leadingham, Goldie, Talbot, D.Findlay (c), McArthur, Davies, Graham, Foster
Goals: Davies, Goldie pen
2 - 6 Southern Tasmania
Geer, Joe Honeysett, William Faulkner (c), A.Holton, L.Norman, F.Cliffe, Anderson, Crotty, H.White, Grimmond, Hunt
Goal: Grimmond (x3), Norman, Faulkner, White
Referee: Norris