Tasmanian Representative Games 1915
1915 Tasmanian Representative Matches

Written by Greg Stock from research by Paul Hunt

North v South of Tasmania representative fixture.The game was the first time the North had beaten the South.
Played: Saturday June 19 1915 Venue: New Town Sports Ground, Hobart, Tasmania
Southern Tasmania
J.Lake, A.Evans, N.Evans, E.Manson, T.Cousins, A.McAfee, T.Lovatt, B.Vont, Harold Grimmond, A.Stewart
Goals: Grimmond (x2)
2 - 3 Northern Tasmania
R.Baldwin, L.McClymont, Longthorpe, H.Rose, W.Coombe, Rooney, N.Vincent, A.Talbot, Hazell-Wright, Willcocks, Rev. Sherris
Goals: Hassell-Wright (x2), Willcocks
Referee: P.J.Everard
Linesmen: George Howe

The return North v South of Tasmania representative fixture.
Played: Saturday July 24 1915 Venue: Elphin Showgrounds, Launceston, Tasmania
Northern Tasmania
Baldwin, H.Thomas, K.Thomas, H.Rose, Coombes, Anstey, Vincent, Talbot, Rev Sherris, Willcocks, Blackett
Goal: Blackett
1 - 4 Southern Tasmania
W.Benson, Langley, G.Kerruish, Saunders, Cullen, Stonor, Harold Grimmond, Longwood, E.Kerruish, Joe Honeysett, Jock Mirrless
Goals: Grimmond (x2), Cullen, E.Kerruish