Australian State Leagues - New South Wales
What is the NSW League Archive?

The NSW League archive is primarily compiled by Greg Stock.

Welcome to the New South Wales Soccer Archive. This archive is researched, written and maintained by Greg Stock.
The overall aim is to document the statistical history of New South Wales soccer with particular emphasis to the top senior divisions. These include the National Premier League 1 (2013-present), the N.S.W. Premier League (2000/1-2012), the Winter Super League (2001-2004), Super League (1992-2000) and the First Division (1957-1991). Northern New South Wales (Newcastle) and Football South Coast (Illawarra) are also being included on seperate pages.
It is amazing to think that despite there being a definitive National League satistical record, there has never been a one compiled in an accessible form for New South Wales. This page marks the first real attempt at putting over 100 years of matierial together in one format. Additions are made on an adhoc basis as time allows.

Matierial in this archive has come from a variety of sources. These include;
*Soccer World 1957-1982
*Soccer Action 1976-1987
*Australian and British Soccer Weekly 1981-present
*Super Soccer 1992-2002
*Sydney Daily Newspapers
*History of New South Wales Soccer by Sid Grant and Harry Hetherington
*N.S.W. Soccer Yearbooks 1957-1968
*N.S.W.S.F. Annual Reports
*Soccer Weekly News 1944-1958
*N.S.W.S.F.A. Yearbooks 1944-1958
*Various Match Day Programmes
*Various club publications
*Oral Histories

This material has been carefully researched and is currently providing the framework upon which this archive is built. For some seasons there is scant records and even finding scores and scorers is difficult, wheras for other years a full record exists. There is currently no time frame for completion of this project - as time allows updates will be made.

There have been a number of splits and changes in football administration throughout its history in Australia. The biggest of these was the formation of the Federation of New South Wales Soccer Clubs in 1957. For this end two competitions ran in seasons 1957 and 1958 and I have labelled those accordingly. I have also decided to keep the Northern New South Wales competition seperate from season 1959 and to include it in the New South Wales archive going back from 1956. This is because the clubs in Newcastle and Sydney were mostly considered part of the one state league competition and to keep it seperate would not be doing those northern teams justice.

Whats New: Having been in hiatus for a number of years the current aim is to put together a framework of final tables going as far back as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has been assisting us in this project but especially to FNSW (in particular Stuart Hodge and Troy McColl), NNSWF (Liam Bentley), the late 'great' Kevin Christopher who was one of the great supporters of this project, Paul Goodwin, Tony 'Supercoach' Dunn, Peter Smith, Jim Jones, Neville Arrowsmith, Andrew Howe, Greg Werner and John Punshon for their contributions. Current and former Federation personnel have also assisted including Adam Mark, Binesh Mudaliar, Robert Grasso, Mark Stavroulakis, Micky Brock, Mark Fowler and David Cooper.

How can I help? We are always on the lookout for any old soccer papers/programmes, photographs, memorabilia or artifacts that might be able to assist us. There might some stuff sitting around your garage or wardrobe that your looking to donate to a good home, so rather than throw out this gear, please don't hesitate to drop Greg Stock a line. Sadly too much of this stuff has seen it's way into the rubbish tin over the years and it should be protected and preserved for future generations. Thanks for your interest and keep checking back for further updates!

For copies of programmes, yearbooks, annuals, handbooks and matieiral please point your browser at Mark Boric wesbite Melbourne Soccer Football Library. Mark has done a remarkable job assembling Australian football publications including New South Wales.

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